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Brand: Santa Cruz

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  • aliikane

    It is the best all-around bike I have used thus far. However, I would like more adjustability to tweak it to my liking.

    Excellent suspension design. Definitely made for downhill but still can pedal up. It has a 2.5 inch shock stroke to 140mm so the leverage ratio is very low and is plusher than any other frame I have used. Seems to not feel like it bottoms out even when you do. Doesn't ramp up too much and is not bucky. However, it is not bad pedaling. Frame weight is fairly light for a aluminum frame and my small weighs about 6 lbs. I got the bike to a very acceptable weight of 27lbs without using lots of super ultralight cross country-ish parts and making it pretty stout.

    No thru axle 12mm x142mm.
    VPP design sometime can be too close to drivetrain and chainline spacing is tight. No removable dropouts for changing geometry and/or wheel size. No adjustability for wheel travel length.

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  • Taffyrider

    Other bikes: Kona the King, Tomac Buckshotm Kona Haloe.

    The BLur LT is a great bike, but there is remains considerable room for improvement and the praise gushed over this bike is not comepletely deserved. If you ride rocky technical areas, beware of the lower link and tendency to catch on obstacles. Of course if you ride relatively smooth trails, why would you want thsi bike at all????

    Bike is great when it works, but Santa Cruz and the magazine reviewers missed the ball on some features whcih quite frankly are very poorly designed.

    The lower linkage with its pressen in grease fittngs are the lowest point on the bike, considerably lower than the bottom bracket. Thsi leads to this linkage hitting rocks and logs often. I'm on my third bottom link in 1 year. Fortunately each time it has been replaced it has been free, but when spending this amount of money, this should not have been desinged in this way. Sure lots of you will write back saying it is the best bike ever, however after 1 year of riding it, and being stuck with this bike for a good few years to come, I sometimes wish I had spent the money elsewhere.

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  • Suvacrew

    This may be the best of the best. You point the bike and it goes. A complete upgrade/update from the old Blur LT/XC and a new VPP format. It has a few LBS on a pure XC (can be easily built to get under 28LBS), but it climbs great, and descends even better. It has a compact cockpit and a more upright position, but was easy to get over and adjust to. The Talas 140RLC mated to the RP23 is like a hand in glove..pure delight to have the shocks in harmony.
    My build has Easton Havoc AM wheels, Juicy Carb @203fr 185r, X.0 shifters/RD, Ritchey WCS carbon bars and stem + WCS pedals, Joplin remote post under a WTB Stealth V, RF Deus crank and Nevegals for rubber.
    AWESOME bike, try it you'll like it. Any obstacles that previously forced you off your bike will now be fading memories.

    Can go anywhere and do anything. Combines both the XC and AM duty. RP23 with ProPedal makes climbing a cinch. The zerx grease ports for lubing the bottom linkage, grease gun supplied.

    Only limitation is the rider ;-)

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