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  • Kevin Charles Suellentro

    absolutely bomber aluminium frame hand welded in Colorado by someone who's skill clearly shines through in the welds. great input on build kits and component specs from everyone involved with Guerrilla Gravity, from the owners down to the tight knit group of riders. climbs great especially up technical sections, front wheel is easy to get off the ground. descending on the megatrail will leave you dreaming about the next time you get to point this bike downhill, PR's will be broke on this bike. the faster you push it the more it rewards you. suspension is simple and well thought out using high quality bearings. firm pedaling platform, and will absorb 5 foot drops like you rode off a curb. impressed every time i ride this bike. will never have to worry about dinging a carbon frame, this bike can take all you can dish out!

    instantly comfortable bike to swing a leg over. different geometry settings create extremely different ride characteristics, all of which are useful in some aspect of riding and changing from trail mode to gravity mode is done easily in under 30 seconds, that being said id have been happy with this bike if the only setting was trail mode, its that good. construction second to none. best customer service you will find from any company bike related or not. very little wander on the front while climbing.

    have to slightly loosen the rear shock mount bolt to adjust the front shock mount bolt. not much of an issue as i don't see a need to change the front shock mount often or ever.

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  • edarnold99018

    Wicked stiff, simple design, user serviceable bearings

    Handmade frame by guys that ride fast and loose. Rather than trying to be everything to all, the mega trail is a single track destroyer for those who relish fast and rough downhill.

    On the heavy side for $5000, but if you want a 28lbs bike you have to go carbon

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