Guerrilla Gravity Launches All-New Megatrail SS, and 2017 Updates to the Megatrail

Megatrail - FYeahBlue

Guerrilla Gravity (GG) has just released the 2017 updates to their popular Megatrail enduro rig, and has announced the addition of an all-new Megatrail SS model to their lineup.

All-New Megatrail SS

Standing for “slopestyle,” the new SS model of the Megatrail provides a shorter travel, more playful experience. According to GG, “the shorter travel sibling has 135 and 145 mm travel in Trail Mode and Gravity Mode, respectively.” That compares to 150mm and 165mm of rear travel on the standard Megatrail, depending on the respective chip position.

In Trail Mode, the new SS offers a 13.2″ bottom bracket height and a 67º head tube angle; in Gravity Mode, a 12.8″ BB height and a 66.2º head angle. Compare that to the standard Megatrail with a 13.4″ BB height and 66.2º head angle in Trail Mode, and 13″ BB height and 65.4º head angle in Gravity Mode.

The SS frameset retails for $2,095, and complete builds sell for $3,195, $4,195, and $5,195.

Megatrail Updates

Megatrail 2

As for the updates to the standard Megatrail frame, I’ll let GG fill you in on the changes:

2017 Updates

While we’d love to tell you that the new Megatrail platform is a groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting leap forward, the reality is the previous version was pretty damn good. So we just made everything a little better, notably:

  • Freedom Linkage implementation
  • Shorter chainstays
  • More standover clearance
  • Steeper seat tube geometry
  • Updated Gravity Mode
  • Improved aesthetics (who doesn’t want a few extra clicks of sexy?)
  • Frame Storage system

Freedom Linkage

The Freedom Linkage is a proprietary Horst Link implementation that allows riders to tune the performance characteristics. In any configuration, the platform provides a supple top stroke for small bump compliance, mid-stroke support for popping off bonus lines, and ramp up for bottom out resistance. With engineered versatility, riders can adjust these characteristics based on local terrain and personal preferences via shock tunes; the base tune is designed with advanced riders in mind.

The Freedom Linkage also utilizes our approach to design that focuses on a high level of refinement to eliminate unnecessary complication. This creates a platform that’s made for goin’ fast, yet is easy to maintain and built to last.


After listening to rider feedback on the previous generation Megatrail, we have shortened the chainstays by 13 mm and lowered the standover by 30 mm. The result is a playful ride that likes to party.

The new Megatrail also utilizes the same steep actual seat tube angle geometry found on the Pedälhead and Trail Pistol. It’s important to note that the actual seat tube angle is important because effective seat tube angles can be misleading. A steep actual seat tube angle allows for an upright, efficient climbing position and a cockpit feel that is consistent as the saddle is raised and lowered.

Megatrail 8

Megatrail 6

Updated Gravity Mode

The updated Gravity Mode gets a 5 mm travel bump over the previous version (now 165 mm), a slightly taller BB height, and more mid-stroke support. This lends itself well to those that like to “set it and forget it,” and prefer to run it full time in the full-strength mode. Gravity Mode is now even better suited for laps in the bike park, too (you can run up to a 180 mm travel fork).

Frame Layout

Taking inspiration from the Trail Pistol, the new Megatrail offers our custom tube set that reduces weight and improves aesthetics. It also includes our frame storage system to carry a water bottle and flat-change supplies with the NUTS bracket (Necessities Under The Saddle). We’re big fans of reducing the need for a backpack on the average ride and frame storage goes a long way to making that happen.

Megatrail 18

Megatrail 19

Megatrail 20

The 2017 Megatrail frameset will retail for $2,095, and complete builds will retail for $3,295, $4,295, and $5,295.

Megatrail 3

Megatrail 5