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  • Rodr79go

    Do not buy on commencal stores unless you want to have trouble

    This is not about this bike in particular but about the company that sells them. Not very professional, poor work ethics and has no shame to sell bicycles without even taking the time to check and inspect the quality of the components nor if they are in working order

    Bad company and the slow and poor support in solving they problems. I had problems with a NEW bike out of the box! Its been a week and still can't ride it because I am waiting on repair parts for a NEW freaking bike!!

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  • Trail Niels

    Great value bike

    Super agile bike, it steers like a dream, descents with confidence, and rides everything I throw at it. It climbs suprisingly great with virtually no bob.

    Derailleur cable rub on chain stay crossmember leads to wearing down the cable hose. Cable entrance above bottom bracket is prone to collect mud and dirt (fixed in 2017 model though)

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  • Chris Daniels

    Check out my full review on Singltracks.com

    This bike was sent to me from CommencalUSA via Singletracks for review. I liked it so much, I bought it. Check out my full review on the site.

    at the down tube-seat tube-chainstay junction, the down tube is hollow and will trap dirt and water. just tip the bike up to clean and drain. Also rear derailleur cable exits the down tube at this point and, unless protected, will rub the frame.
    4/7/16 UPDATE: watch the rear derailleur screw used to install RD to hanger. It started backing out on me and was obvious when the shifting got bad. Cleaned it, applied some lock tite and will continue watching it.

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