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  • Silentfoe

    There are very few fat bikes that can do what the Borealis Yampa can do. For a fat bike this light (mine is 23lbs) it's amazing that it's still wearing 4.8" Bud and Lou. I ride this bike almost exclusively in the snow. I've ridden a myriad of fat bikes and I have yet to find one that handles as well in the white stuff. I find it ridiculous that other fat bikes can't fit the widest tires or that they use press fit bottom brackets. I just don't need that headache. This is my third year on the bike and there is nothing I don't like about it. For reference I am 210lbs and 6'2". I have size 48 Wolvhammer boots. I do not hit the seat stays with my calves unless I'm trying to ride like a noob. It can be done but I have to try to do it.

    My Yampa:
    XX1/Grip shift
    RaceFace Next SL cranks w/26 tooth ring
    Carbon stem
    Ergon Pro carbon saddle
    Shimano XT platform pedals
    Carbon wheels set up tubeless

    Light, quick handling, fits 5" tires, externally threaded bottom bracket, race bike with bike packing ability


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  • FBOmaha

    As a fairly hard core roadie, i wanted something for winter rides and just something that realIy brought back the fun factor of going where you want to go when you want to go there. I purchased this bike after demo'ing a number of different brands. While they all were fun to ride, the Borealis Yampa just stood out. The bike is light, handles great even running Bud and Lou's. Can't wait to see what it will do with a bit less tire in the summer months. I have had absolutely no issues with my calves hitting the seat stays with the trails I have been riding. Highly recommended.

    Very light
    Great Handling
    Very comfortable ride
    Room for 5 inch tires

    Tall stand over height

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  • Greg Heil   ✓ supporter

    I've gotta be honest: if a bike costs $6k, I expect it to be dialed... and the Yampa just isn't. While I had a good time in my short ride aboard the Yampa, the issue with the seat stays while descending and cornering is a deal breaker, especially with so many other great carbon fat bikes on the market today.

    Fast, light, decent handling

    Seat stays hit calves, spendy

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  • Corey Maddocks   ✓ supporter

    Definitely check this bike out if your in the market for a light weight carbon fat bike with the capability to run the largest fat tires.

    Make sure to demo it though as the standover is tall, and your calves may hit the sat stays.

    Super light weight
    5" tires
    Comfy ride
    Excellent handling

    Seat stays hit calves

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