Electric Bike Rental Gold Coast

  The¬†electric bike rental Gold Coast¬†is according to your size. It is agile, light and manageable. With it, you can avoid traffic jams, go up and down stairs or go on the commuter train. You can transport your bike in the trunk of the car or store it at home, and you will use very …

Gold Coast Bike Rental

Leasing this two-wheeled vehicle was, until recently, an idea that was little valued by many locals and tourists from the capital. But little by little, the mentality of users, drivers, and pedestrians is changing, it is opening up, and we are becoming familiar with this means of transport as one more on the streets. You …

Above 500

Downhill flowing. Intermediate. 334 metre drop.


Flow trail with drops, doubles, rollers, all sorts.

Cancer Tree

Single track that snakes its way through lush forest and even has a seasonal creek crossing in the middle.

Rookie Road

Easy access track that takes you over to the proposed skills area and the beginners loop.

Road Rage

Cruise through the varying densities of trees. Gets a bit rooty in the denser areas.

Parklands Conservation Park

Parklands has over 30km of twisty singletrack that takes you through dense forest areas. Brace yourself for numerous stream crossings, rocky climbs, steep switchbacks, and flowing cross-tracks through lush green undergrowth and ferns. All the best trails are singletrack within the fire road systems. Through the trails have limited signage, the fire trails, walking tracks …

Ho Chi Hoe

Descends into a thicket of trees with a pile of logs to roll over then over some single track with a log roll over. After this it’s a challenging pinch to ride up before a rollercoaster ride over all sorts of things to the Radar Hill Rd car park.

Wagtail Way

Great tail for intermediate riders. Obstacles include tight switchbacks, rock gardens, narrow bridge, steep descent


Echidna is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Brisbane, Queensland. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Echidna bike trail in Brisbane.

Smithfield MTB Park

Smithfield MTB Park is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Cairns, Queensland. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Smithfield MTB Park bike trail in Cairns.