Deer Haven Park

Designed and maintained by KYMBA Bluegrass. Opened March, 2022.

Ft. Knox Trail

Mostly gravel trail with a few paved sections.  Out and back that can start the Starbucks on Wilson Road or you can start in the middle at the dog park on Wilson Road. Military I.D. or post pass is required.

Grace Phelps

Great trail.  We rode it yesterday with our kids ages 13 and 10.  They actually led the way.  Lots of turns and hills.  It’s a great trail with nothing too technical that someone totally new couldn’t handle.  We went around the loop twice for a total of 6 miles.  Stayed off of the advanced trail.

McDougal Lake Trail

A multi-use trail in two main loops, the Big Woods Loop and the Lakeside Loop.  The Big Woods Loop is an easier loop that starts and ends at the Stiles Ford Trailhead.  It offers some decent climbs/descents on a double track trail and several marked scenic views where one can enjoy gorgeous sunrises/sunsets over McDougal …

Freeman Lake Trail

Wide walking trail that allows bikes.  Lot of foot traffic on nice days.  Trail connect to road on park side.  South side of the trail is gravel.