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Returning to the Monarch Crest after a 5-Year Absence: Why Did I Ever Leave?

The main point of our month-long road trip during the summer of 2013, and the pitch that helped me win the Sylvansport GO camper, was that my wife and I would be traveling the nation to find a new place to live. However, by the time our road trip actually

On Review: Sylvansport GO Camper

In June of 2012, my wife and I were about to embark on an almost two month-long journey across the United States to ride and document mountain bike trails in California. (To catch up on that series, check out the 2012 road trip recap.) I tried to get a camper

On Review: Diamondback Sortie 3 29er

Believe it or not, many of the mountain bikes we get in for review for Singletracks aren't the exact style of mountain bike we'd personally prefer. Sure, many of them are excellent bikes for the intended application, and some of the bikes (such as the Trek Superfly 100) come closeto

Final Review: Sylvansport GO Camper

The marketing material for the GO camper on Sylvansports website is undoubtedly impressive. But of course, thats the purpose of marketing material. The marketing material and specification information that Sylvansport presents details all of the many possible uses that one can put the GO camper to. And I have to

Mountain Biking Bend, Oregon: The Cog Wild Experience

If you ever decide to travel to the mountain bike destination of Bend, Oregon, chances are someone will mention the name "Cog Wild." History Cog Wild is the premiere mountain bike guide company based in Bend, and it was founded in 1999 by Woody Starr.Though, the actual permits used by the company

Ride Report: McKenzie River Trail, Oregon

Some of the best mountain bike trails I have ever ridden are locals' favorites and have never been written about in a magazine or on a website. Other trails have developed a far-reaching legacy, and have become renowned worldwide as world-class trails. But to be honest, some of the famed

Final Review: Diamondback Sortie 3 29er

As I mentioned in my on review article, the Diamondback Sortie 3 29er is the type of mountain bike I could ride day-in and day-out. And during my month-long road trip this summer, I did just that, and logged over 400 miles of incredible big-mountain singletrack in Bend, Oregon; Oakridge,

Review: SUGOI RSX Short

Mountain bikers seem to fall into two different categories: those who wear baggy shorts, and those who wear lycra. Of those who wear lycra, some tend to wear regular shorts, some tend to wear bibs and in the baggy segment, there are all different varieties I'm usually a fan of baggy

Ride Report: Downhill Mountain Biking at Steamboat Ski Resort, Colorado

The final destination on my month-long road trip this summer was Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had long heard rumors of the fantastic riding in Steamboat, and despite my impending relocation to Colorado, I decided to make Steamboat enough of a priority to hit it on the road trip. Due to

Review: Gravity Dropper Turbo LP Seatpost

While the dropper post market is growing at a rapid rate, Gravity Dropper is anything but new to the scene. One of the first names in the dropper arena, Gravity Dropper continues to roll out improvements to their posts. The new Turbo LP seatpost replaces the previous Turbo, which I

Review: SUGOI RSX Jersey

Along with the RSX Short that SUGOI sent over for review, they included a matching RSX Jersey. Specs The RSX Jersey from SUGOI is an extremely lightweight, cooling layer. According to SUGOI, the "Icefil material is moisture reactive and cools your skin temperature with perspiration." The Icefil material feels radically different from standard

Ride Report: Tumalo Falls, Bend, Oregon

It was the beginning of my summer 2013 road trip, and I had already ridden with Cog Wild in Bend and the nearby McKenzie River Trail in Eugene. I was itching to get up higher in the hills to explore some trails that provided more of a big mountain feel.

Ride Report: Deschutes River Trail + Breweries in Bend

After spending three days riding in Oregon with one day off, my wife Summer and I decided to go out for a ride together. Now, admittedly, Summer just doesn't enjoy mountain biking as much as I do and she especially doesn't enjoy it in North Georgia. In Dahlonega, there's no such

Ride Report: Phil's Area Trails + Camping in Bend

Even though I had dipped my tires into thePhil's Area during my first ride in Bend with Cog Wild, I didn't really count that as a true Phil's experience. If you spend any amount of time in Bend, you'll hear about the Phil's Trails. With roughly 55 miles of singletrack in

Ride Report: Alpine Trail, Oakridge, Oregon

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Bend, Oregon and were loathe to leave but everyone in Bend raved about how fantastic the riding was in Oakridge. Apparently we were on the right track, as we already had campground reservations forBlack Canyon, just outside of Oakridge! powered by After rolling into town,

Ride Report: Larison Rock + Off the Bike in Oakridge

With Oakridge's marquee trail (the Alpine Trail) checked off my wish list, I was free to start exploring some of the area's less-famous rides. But first, before I got to more exploring, it was time to take a break. Any mountain biking road trip of epic proportions requires downtime for rest,

Ride Report: Hardesty Mountain and South Willamette Trail, Oakridge, Oregon

After spending several days riding in Oakridge, I began to realize there was no way I'd be able to hit even half of the fantastic rides available in the timeframe I had allotted myself. And generally, if I realize such a thing, I try to just shrug off whatever prior

Ride Report: Emerald Mountain, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

After spending a week hunting for a place to live in Salida, we were eventually successful! Yeah, I know, you figured that out already After finding our future home, Summer had to hop a plane back to Georgia, as her work was getting intense, and she also wanted to attend a

Ride Report: Dry Lake Campground and Spring Creek Trail, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Having never visited Steamboat Springs before, I wanted to camp close to town so I could get my finger on the pulse of Steamboat as much as possible. Really, there's only one camping option within 20 miles of town: the Dry Lake Campground. For more information on Dry Lake,check out

Riding Steamboat's Crown Jewel: Rabbit Ears Continental Divide Shuttle

The first few shops we visited in Steamboat Springs recommended that we begin by riding Emerald Mountain, and then go from there. After taking their advice and riding Emerald, I was left wanting. And after looking at my newly-purchased map and other informational materials, I was a bit indignant: there





About Summer Road Trip to Oregon & Colorado

In the summer of 2013, Editor in Chief mtbgreg1 had the opportunity to take a month-long road trip to ride mountain bike trails in Oregon and Colorado. As a finalist in the Sylvansport GO Coolest Camper Ever Contest, he was fortunate enough to get to camp in the Sylvansport GO Camper along the way.

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