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In Praise of the Noob

Noobs take a lot of heat in the mountain bike world. They are constantly getting passed and maybe dissed in the process. We "expert" bikers scoff at their lack of skills and fitness. We disparage their lack of trail etiquette and general knowledge of the care and feeding of a

The Jumping Dismount: 10 Drills to Make You Safer When Bailing Off High Skinnies

It was by accident that I learned the advantages of a jumping dismount back when I was trying to ride this bridge railing skinny in my hometown of Northfield, MN. I crashed hard before and after I did that dismount, and it wasn't until I looked at the video again

Why Lowering Your Seatpost for Skinnies and Other Technical Terrain Reduces Your Odds of Getting Injured

Much has been written about the benefits of lowering your seatpost for some of mountain biking's terrain challenges, especially since the advent of dropper seatposts. Bettermaneuverability on technical descents seems to be mentioned most often. But lowering your seatpost has another advantage, and it can come into play when you'reriding skinnies,holding

13 Questions Beginning Bikers Ask

If you're just getting into mountain biking, you probably have lots of questions about the sport. For example, what kind of bike do I need? Why do I need gloves? How do my experienced biker friends go so much faster? Hopefully the questions (and answers) below will help you to

Video: How to Mountain Bike Faster: Straight Lining Technique

3 Examples of how to Mountain Bike Faster using the Straight-Lining technique. A simple mountain biking technique that will give you more speed, flow and efficiency today.

Video: How to Ride Lines that Nobody Else Sees - 3 Step Method

Mountain bike better with this 3-Step Method that teaches you how to find lines that nobody else sees.

How to Make Hitting the Trail as Easy as Possible

Have you ever tried to ride with a person who turned every mountain bike ride into a huge production? You show up at their house, ready to roll, and they're still pulling on their shoes and socks, haven't even filled their hydration pack with water yet, and oh they need

How To Prepare Your Eyes to Ignore Your Survival Instincts When Riding Skinnies

There are many elements to successfully riding a difficult technical obstacle like a high skinny, but one that doesn't get much attention iswhen and where to focus your eyes. I've found that vague reminders like, "Eyes ahead!" or "Don't stare at what you're trying to avoid!" are nearly useless. My brain

11 Drills for Holding a Line: Gain Confidence on Skinnies and Narrow, Exposed Terrain

The skill of riding straight--holding a line, as it's commonly called--is one of the most fundamental mountain bike skills. It's not just used for riding skinnies, like the length of logs, planks, andelevated boardwalks, but staying on your line through rock gardens or along a section of narrow singletrackwhere precision

How to hop a log or rock on your mountain bike

We started a wiki a while back to share mountain biking "how-to's" on everything from mountain bike handling to maintenance and repair but since then we've realized the wiki format isn't really doin' it for us. Instead, we'll use the blog to share these articles and ask that our readers

How to change your MTB tire

Whether you're on the trail or in your driveway, it's no big deal to fix a flat mountain bike tire. In the ideal situation, all you need is a pump, tire levers, and a new tube. If your tire still has some air pressure left in it, release the air by

How to Fit Yourself on a Mountain Bike Like a PRO

So, you're planning on purchasing or assembling your dream bike for the upcoming MTB season. What size should you choose? How long of a stem do you need? Should you get a setback seatpost? What's the right bar width? I'll try to answer all these questions and more in this

How to Find People to Mountain Bike With

From time to time we get requests for an online tool to help find mountain bike pals to ride with, and while we've considered the idea, there are just too many better ways for riders to connect. If you're looking for a new group to ride with this season but

How To: Basic Bike Maintenance for Beginners

In the last few years, bikes have evolved from a mere tool of recreation into a true investment. You no longer have to be a hardcore cyclist to fit the caricaturist joke that your bike is worth more than your car: high end mountain bikes are consistently topping the $10,000

Mountain Biking Basics: Trail Etiquette

We live on an increasingly crowded planet and trails, whether we hike or ride them, are a refuge from the daily grind. And while these wonderful strips of bare ground in our open spaces help us escape from civilization, it often seems like the rest of civilization is escaping on

How to Switch to Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals

Now that you know why you should switch to clipless pedals, all you need now are the right pedals and shoes plus a little bit of practice. Clipless Pedals and Shoes First, you need to buy the right gear: a pair of clipless pedals and a pair of shoes.As you can see

How To Clean Your Mountain Bike in 10 Easy Steps

Cleaning your bike after a ride can feel like a buzz kill but it doesn't have to take forever. Follow these tips and you'll get the job done quickly without damaging your bike. 1. Get your mountain bike dirty One of the reasons people end up doing more damage than good while

Hardtail vs Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Hardtail or full suspension? This question comes up all the time on the Singletracks Forums so hopefully this quick list of the pros and cons of each of mountain bike style will help you decide which one will work better for you. My Perspective I will be 40 this year, and although

Leave No Trace Mountain Biking

"What does mountain biking mean to you?" This question is posed all the time in forums, blogs, videos, and magazines. It can be a tough question to answer because there are so many things that make mountain biking such a rewarding lifestyle. I know that for me, and for many of

How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

Soon after getting bitten by the mountain biking bug, you will be ready to purchase your first 'real'mountainbike. The myriad of prices, models and types of mountain bikes available makes the process not unlike buying a car. This guide will give you the info you need to be an informed

Beginner Mountain Bike Trails, Western Edition: Part 1

When I first reviewed my favorite local trail here on Singletracks, I vividly remember what was written by the reviewer before me. He gave the trail one star, mostly bemoaning the lack of challenge, which I thought was funny given that the trail is anything but easy. Most people consider

How (Not) to Introduce Newbs to Mountain Biking A TV newswoman in Eugene, OR does a monthly piece in which she engages in and documents her experiences in a variety of extreme, or somewhat extreme, sports new to her and her viewers. Recently, she tried mountain biking. For the piece, she contracted a local MTB guide/shuttle company to

Mountain Bike Disciplines

When I started riding back in the early 1990s, there was basically just one flavor of mountain biking but today MTB categories can get a little confusing. I found this helpful chart over on the Turner website and I think it does a good job illustrating some of the divisions

Mountain Biking 101: Read the Path Ahead

How do you conquer those trail loops in one shot without having to stop over and over again to correct mistakes and catch your breath? You start out all excited to hit the singletrack today. After a bit of riding you are dodging tree trunks, going over bumps, and going around

Random Mountain Bike Tips and Tricks

Wanna look like a pro out on the trail? Here are 9 tips and tricks for getting dialed this spring. Tip #1:Line up the tire label with the valve - makes the valve easier to find. Centering the valve stem with the tire logo(s) makes it easier to find the valve when

How To Brake Your Mountain Bike

When most mountain bikers think of skills they need to learn and practice, braking isn't usually one of them. I mean, how tough can it be: pull the lever and your stop, right? Actually, it's a lot more complicated than that. If you take the time to learn how to brake

How to Ride a Pump Track

What is a pump track? In this article I will explain the basic techniques required for riding a pump track. But when I say "pump track," there are probably a number of people that have no idea what I'm talking about. A pump track is a continuous circuit of dirt rollers, berms,

9 Ways to Climb Better on Your Mountain Bike

If you are gassing out too quickly when climbing, here are 9 things you can do to help you climb better on your mountain bike: 1. Pace your breathing. Race horses breathe in and out with every gallop. Focus on keeping your inhaling and exhaling at a good pace when you are

Ready to Ride? 3 Trail Selection Tips for Beginners

You have the bike and the gear, and youre itching to get out and ride! But before you do, there are a few things you should know when it comes to selecting the right trails. You may think youre in shape since youre a pretty active person. I was always outside

10 Not-So-Obvious Tips that Every Beginning Mountain Biker Needs to Know

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I was a fortunate beginning mountain biker. I had a great teacher: he was patient and willing to explain everything to me. Everything. But maybe you don't have someone right beside you to tell you some of these things so I'll be

Light Hands, Heavy Feet: 17 Drills to Help Make Your Riding More Stable no Matter What the Terrain

Mountain bike coaches everywhere consider "light hands, heavy feet" a fundamental skill, right up there with the attack/ready position. Why? Jake Carsten, IMBA ICP Instructor Trainer Jake Carsten, an IMBA ICP Instructor Trainerand one of the coaches at Dirt Dojo, puts it this way: Carrying weight in our feet vs. our hands



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