Screen Cast Video: The Skill Mountain Bikers Must Learn to Avoid Crashing into Trees

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.19.01 AM

While watching mountain bike crash videos recently, I noticed something in a few of the clips that showed crashes with trees: riders panicking by trying to turn their bars/front wheels to avoid a last-second collision instead of more pronounced and reflexive leaning of the bike. And then it occurred to me that learning side-to-side bike/body …

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Video: Riding Bikes Through Snow Tunnels in Boston

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.58.22 AM

Apparently Boston bike commuters are supremely dedicated. When they awoke to find a local bike path blocked by a 15-foot-tall plowed-in pile of snow, instead of just finding a different route around they decided to dig a 40-foot tunnel straight through the obstruction. Yes, maybe they just had a lot of time on their hands …

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