Cinema Sunday: “Medieval Mountain Biking: Nine Knights 2012”

Really, I want to know who comes up with these ideas. The conversation must have gone something like this:

“We want to make an awesome dirt jumping/freeride mountain biking movie, but piles of dirt in the woods are so boring to look at.”

“Well, what if we go way up in the French Alps and build a massive slopestyle course, but… wait for it… we make all of the jumps look like castles. I mean, who thinks that castles aren’t cool?”

“Yeah, but we need to kick things up a notch and stop thinking about what mountain bike movies have done in the past. Let’s take a page out of the snowsports book: we’ll get the Red Bull helicopter up there and shoot uber hi-def fly-by shots of all the riders for some killer slo-mo action?”

“Guys… I think we have a winner.”

I give you Nine Knights 2012:

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