Video: “Rocky Mountain – Fortitude”

Rocky Mountain’s approach to suspension on the Altitude platform is truly unique. I wrote about it briefly after Interbike this past September, but in a nutshell the Ride 9 system provides 9 different geometry combinations, which change the seat tube angle, head tube angle, and suspension rates.

In order to showcase how versatile this suspension design is, Rocky Mountain put four of their best sponsored riders onto the Altitude 790 MSL and had them put it to the test on their favorite terrain.

According to Rocky Mountain, “Wade runs it slackest; Thomas runs it in slacker & progressive (forward & down, aka “Vanderham Mode”); both Dre & Gully run the bike neutral & progressive (furthest down).” In the video, Wade Simmons thrashes the Altitude on “steep and deep” uber-technical North Shore terrain; Andreas Hestler sets a few Strava KOMs in Squamish; Thomas Vanderham boosts some massive booters in Kamloops; and Geoff Gulevich punishes the Altitude with his mad slopestyle skills during an Oregon road trip.

Check out all the action here:

Fourtitude: Four Riders + Rocky Mountain Altitude from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

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