Drug Dealers Offer $200 Reward for Destroying Police Mountain Bike


Smith & Wesson Tactical Police Bike (photo courtesy policebikestore.com) Drug dealers in Watford, Hertfordshire (UK) are offering 150 British Pounds to anyone who trashes police officer Mark Pearce’s mountain bike. Apparently Pearce and his bike are pretty effective at fighting crime and the local gangs want to put a stop to the dynamic duo. Although …

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MTB Trail Navigation Competition


Checkpoint map from a recent trail nav competition. Courtesy trailbreak.co.uk. We wrote about mountain bike orienteering a couple years ago and noted that it was a mostly UK phenomenon involving navigating a course using just a map and compass. Trail Break, a UK-based mountain bike event promotion company, has updated the concept with a new …

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Mountain Bike Paramedics


Mountain bike paramedic in London. Photo via Firegeezer. By now you’ve probably seen police officers on mountain bikes but here’s something I hadn’t heard of: mountain bike paramedics. Apparently this has been going on in the UK for quite some time (since 2000 in parts of London) and it sounds like it’s pretty effective. Mountain …

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MTB Obituaries, July 2009


Daniel Hume, RIP. Photo from telegraph.co.uk. Some sad news to report this week: Daniel Hume, former pro mountain biker from the UK, was killed while on foot patrol in Afghanistan last week. Hume was ranked the #3 downhill rider in the United Kingdom at the age of 15 and in 2007 he joined the Royale …

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Inaugural World INDOOR Mountain Bike Championships


No, unfortunately this isn’t a joke. The first ever World Indoor MTB Championships were actually held over the weekend in the UK and featured top riders including Gee Atherton and Greg Minnaar, the eventual winner. If your head is filled with visions of guys screaming around an indoor course like the one found at Ray’s …

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