Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in South Africa


While much of the international MTB awareness of South Africa centers on the Absa Cape Epic stage race, you don’t have to sign up for 800km (500mi) of racing and 15,000m (49,000ft) of climbing just to enjoy the great trails that South Africa has to offer. While central South Africa is home to a quintessential …

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Slickrocks and Skyscrapers: Molndal Area, Gothenburg, Sweden

Riding the Slickrocks Trail with Gothia Towers and Liseberg Amusement Park in the background. Photo: Greg Heil.

From the outside looking in, the trail networks that infiltrate the city of Gothenburg are indistinguishable when you move from one to another. This is just one of many reasons why hiring an expert local guide is the best bang for your MTB buck here in Sweden (check out this article for more info). But …

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The 10 Best MTB Shuttle Routes in the Western US


Ah, the mountain bike shuttle. While I’m not scared to climb for hours and earn my turns, I can never pass up an opportunity to snag a ride to the top of the mountain and bomb back down! Of course, most shuttle runs still require a good bit of climbing, but getting the bulk of …

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Gothenburg, Sweden’s Maze of Singletrack Is a Technical Mountain Biking Playground

A classic slimy, technical Gothenburg descent. Photo: Greg Heil.

I first learned of the mountain biking around Gothenburg, Sweden via Hillside Cycling’s amazing photos, which we’ve featured as Photos of the Day many times here on Singletracks. I saw that there was great technical riding and entertaining trails to be found there, but when I started doing more research on it and realized that …

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