Riding After Rain: Advice for New Riders

If your bike tire leaves a rut throughout the trail, it is too wet to ride, according to IMBA’s Mark Eller.

This time of year, mud, snow, and ice cover trails across the continent, and sunshine is in short supply. Most mountain bikers acknowledge that riding soft trails can accelerate erosion and widen precious singletrack into jeep roads. But sometimes, it’s tough to know if trails are dry enough to ride. “It is something that takes some experience,” said …

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10 Bikes for 10 Trails


2015 was an amazing year in many ways, but especially in the world of mountain bikes.  Over the course of the year, I got to put in double-digit miles on almost two dozen marvelous new bikes, not a dog in the bunch, and most of which I’d be happy to ride on just about any …

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Trail Report: Fat Biking Buffalo Creek, Colorado, in the Winter


Is it just me, or did the “Godzilla El Nino” not get the memo? It’s winter, or at least it should be for a few more weeks. Both winter and spring in Colorado are actually great opportunities to ride fat bikes, especially in the high country. Though this season has seen somewhat variable snow conditions (read: disappointing), …

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Trail Report: Fat Biking the Apex Trail, Colorado, in the Winter


Apex Park is one of the most popular places to ride and hike in the Colorado Front Range, and until recently, lay somewhat dormant during winter when big dumps would envelope the trails in deep, impassible snow. Enter the fat bike, and the past three seasons seem to have maintained Apex’s popularity even when the mercury pointed …

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Scott Spring into Adventure Contest Day 3: Add a New Trail


It’s day 3 of the Scott Spring into Adventure Contest and against all odds, the top two slots are unchanged with No1InParticular and chuckpelley hanging onto their positions. I suspect several folks are hanging back right now for strategic reasons; we do still have 9 days to go after all! Today’s tip: Add a new trail …

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Five2Ride: The 5 Best Mountain Bike Trails in Arkansas


While Arkansas may have flown way under the mountain biking radar for many years, with trail building booming in places like Bentonville, an increase in Arkansas’s marketing efforts promoting the outdoor opportunities that the state holds, and the IMBA World Summit heading to Arkansas this fall, the secret is officially out. Arkansas is flush with excellent trails, and …

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4 Must-Ride Fat Bike Trails in Leadville, Colorado

"That's Mt. Massive (2nd highest 14er in Colorado) in the background."
Rider: Nancy Anderson. Photo: Scott Anderson.

Leadville, Colorado is a small mountain town with the dubious honor of being the highest incorporated town in the United States–we’re talking about elevation above sea level, here, although you can hit up a local dispensary while you’re in town. I say “dubious honor” because while the extremely high elevation has given rise to absurdly-challenging …

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Wydaho in the Winter, Part 1: Fat Biking and Skiing Grand Targhee


We arrived at Grand Targhee Resort late Sunday afternoon, eager to check out the winter fat bike trails. Yes, I’m aware of the chorus, “Fat biking at a ski resort?! No way, when there’s snow, you should ski!” rising to a crescendo right about now. Not to worry… my husband, Scott, and I had a …

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The 51 Mountain Bike Capitals of the United States


Have you ever noticed when you’ve looked at a map of the United States that every single state has a capital city… even the smallest and seemingly insignificant states? Maybe that seems obvious, but that observation left us wondering: “well, doesn’t every state have a mountain biking capital as well?” After thinking about it we decided that …

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