Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Back in Black Trail, Lake Stanley Draper Trail System, Oklahoma City, OK


The Black Loop, “Back in Black,” is a mile-long trail that is a little slice of awesome in the heart of southeast Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Black Loop trail provides riders with a jump line, elevated skinnies, and plenty of … Continue reading

Moab’s Klondike Bluffs Trail System Expands with the Addition of Miner’s Loop


I had never taken the opportunity to ride the Klondike Bluffs area in Moab before, but with the recent addition of the new Miner’s Loop, I decided to check it out. Klondike Bluffs on The Klondike Bluffs Trail System, … Continue reading

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Trail #533, Mingus Mountain Recreation Area, Prescott, AZ


Hovering over the Prescott Valley, Trail #533 barrels down Mingus Mountain amidst pine-riddled singletrack, rock gardens, smooth speed-filled sections, with some loose and sketchy mixed in. Located in the Mingus Mountain Recreation Area above Prescott, AZ. Trail #533 can be … Continue reading

Poll Results: The Top 5 Scenic Mountain Bike Trails in the Western USA


Exactly what makes a mountain bike trail beautiful is largely a matter of opinion. For some people, it’s great high-alpine views. For others, it’s the barren desert. For some, it’s massive forests with huge trees. And for many, it’s beautiful … Continue reading

20 of the Most Scenic Mountain Bike Trails in the Western USA: Vote for Your Favorite


One of the primary reasons mountain biking is such a transcendent experience is it often offers the opportunity to get away from civilization, under your own power, to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the natural world. Those pristine vistas can … Continue reading

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Jekyll ‘n’ Hyde Trail, Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, AL


The Jekyll ‘n’ Hyde Trail careens through a vibrant forest as it makes a mad dash through the trees with tight twists and turns, undulating rollers, rock features, and banked berms. Jekyll ‘n’ Hyde is one of numerous, fun-filled trails … Continue reading