News: Curt Gowdy State Park to Offer Groomed Trails for Fat Biking


You read that right. Groomed trails. For fat bikes. The word you’re looking for is “awesome-licous.” In case you didn’t know, grooming trails for fatties is not common practice. In fact, many popular ski resorts, until very recently, seemed to … Continue reading

Bike Town USA: New Trail Development in Steamboat Springs


Steamboat Springs is a mountain biking destination on the rise–and not slowly. In fact, the web of trails surrounding Steamboat is expanding in leaps and bounds with new trail development taking place at a rapid rate. Before we get to … Continue reading

Ride Report: Buffalo Pass to Fish Creek Falls, Steamboat Springs, Colorado


This 2014 weekend getaway to Steamboat was my second bout of exploration in the area. Last year, easily the best ride I did in the region–and one of the best rides of my entire month-long summer road trip–began at Rabbit … Continue reading

Pedaling Old School Singletrack in Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Before the snow started falling I had to squeeze in one last trip in the high mountains, so my wife and I headed up to Steamboat Springs for a quick weekend trip. After driving up on a Friday morning, I … Continue reading

Before the South Boundary: Turning Cranks in Taos


As previously reported,Taos’s South Boundary trail is a world class epic for strong riders and experienced adventurers that belongs on every serious rider’s bikeit list.  But while Taos’s marquee ride is for the strong and experienced, many of the rest of the … Continue reading

Channeling Danny Hart During Day 3 of the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro


Click here to read about day 2. As my alarm buzzed yet again at 5:15 in the morning, I seriously considered turning it off and just skipping the race. And if I didn’t have to write these blogs about my … Continue reading

Video: How Singletracks Organizes Mountain Bike Trail Information


We receive dozens of questions every week in our helpdesk asking for clarification on how to use all sorts of features on Singletracks. Singletracks is undoubtedly a feature-rich website, and sometimes learning how to use everything can be pretty confusing. Some features … Continue reading