IMBA EU Has a New Survey out Asking Riders What Kind of Trails They Want to See

Fill out this five-minute survey to let IMBA EU know what kind of mountain bike trails to build.
Photo: Edoardo Melchiori

A primary function of IMBA in Europe is to train trail builders on how to create sustainable trails that suit all skill levels and interests, and the association’s DIRTT Project is tasked with determining the best methods and practices for building singletrack. To better inform those efforts, they have created a new survey to ask riders what kind of trails we enjoy. Here is your chance to let trail builders know what to build more of, what trail types and features you feel might be overlooked in Europe specifically, and what sort of tracks you don’t care for.

DIRTT Project – Developing Inter-European Trail Builder Training (DIRTT Project) – consists of a number of partner organisations whose aims are to develop trail design and building guidelines with an educational framework and associated professional training programmes.

We believe that by working together with partners across Europe we can share resources, knowledge, and ideas to help mountain biking continue to grow across Europe.

The partners in the project are from a number of backgrounds including: advocacy organizations, sports associations, governmental, educational institutions, tourism, as well as private enterprises in the sector. The countries involved are Switzerland, Portugal, Scotland, Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway.

Hit this link to fill out the five-minute survey and have your voice heard.