Review: Bolle Bounty Sunglasses

2015-04-10 bolle bounty

The Bolle Bounty glasses look totally unassuming on the showroom floor. But when you get them out on the trail, the Bountys throw down no matter how formidable the challenge might be. Specs The Bolle Bountys are full-framed glasses with what appears to be pretty standard nylon arms. There’s no adjustment in either the arms or …

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Review: Endura Guppy Glasses


Hydrophobic–that’s me!  Many years ago, when I chose to serve, there’s a reason I walked into the Air Force recruiter office and not the Navy recruiter.  Fact is, I don’t like any body of water deeper than I am tall.  Really, my name, German for “fish,” is a horrible misnomer.  I swim like an anchor …

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Review: Ryders Hijack Photochromic Sunglasses


Ryders has a strong reputation in the biking community for well-designed optics that cater to a broad spectrum of athletes. These Hijack glasses are designed to accommodate just about anyone, whether you race ‘cross, pine for enduro, or wear Lycra in pursuit of a polka-dot jersey. Mountain bike riders know that light conditions are constantly fluctuating, which …

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Photo Blog: New Shades from Bolle, Ryders, Smith, Spy, and Tifosi at Interbike 2014

untitled event - 3928

Every time I think I know all of the eyewear manufacturers that are competing in the mountain bike market, I round another corner and spot yet another booth! This massive photo roundup doesn’t even begin to cover all of the different shades and companies in attendance at Interbike–much less the companies that didn’t deign to …

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Review: Oakley Radarlock Pitch Sunglasses


If there’s any one brand name that’s synonymous with “quality sunglasses,” it’s Oakley. Despite their top-tier prices, the number of people that you’ll see at the mountain bike trailhead–or simply walking around downtown–wearing Oakleys on their face is impressive. The Oakley brand has penetrated deep into the heart of not only the mountain bike subculture, …

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8 Pairs of Mountain Biking Sunglasses to Wear This Summer

2014-07-18 Ryders-Binder-Interchangeable-Mountain-Biking-Sunglasses

Your future’s bright, and it’s time to get some shades to sport on the trail. We’ve put together a list of excellent sunglasses that will not only protect your eyes, but will also earn you style points as well. Open Frame Glasses The Binder Sunglasses weigh in at 26 grams. This open-bottom frame design is …

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Review: Kaenon Black Label Collection: Trade Sunglasses


Kaenon’s Trade sunglasses feature excellent coverage and superior optics in a murdered out, black matte finish as part of the company’s new Black Label Collection.  I’ve been testing the Trades on the trail and around town and here’s what I’ve found. At first glance, the Kaenon Trades are larger and darker than most sunglasses you’ll …

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Review: Tifosi Duro Sunglasses


The Tifosi name has become synonymous with “high-performance sunglasses at an affordable price,” and their Duro glasses are no exception to this mantra. Specs The Duro glasses, weighing in at 32 grams, are a squarish, full-framed pair of glasses that feature casual styling, yet quality performance features. The frames are “made of Grilamid TR-90, a …

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