Ryders Face Sunglasses Review

New to the Ryders sunglasses line for 2013 is the Face.


Weighing in at 32 grams, the Face has a medium-large fit with a huge amount of lens coverage and anti-slip padding on the nose and tips.

Ryders will be offering these in a wide variety of lens (and color) options:

  • Standard lens: $49.99
  • Polarized Lens: $79.99
  • Photochromic (light adjusting) lens: $79.99
  • PolarPhotolens: $129.99

Out on the Trail

The Face strikes an interesting balance between style and performance that definitely leans more toward style. The faux-metallic coloring and reflective lenses scream confidence when you are out cruising the town.

But don’t be fooled, there is a lot more to the Face than just sheer styling. These shades actually work remarkably well out on the trail. The large lenses completely block out the sun, stray branches, and mud. Despite being so large, I have had very few fogging issues, but that may be due in part to the cooler fall temperatures during the testing period.

The lens tint on my test glasses is very dark–oftentimes too dark for the very shady deep forest singletrack I ride here in North Georgia. However, when I was in the desert riding this summer, I was a little irritated by how much sunlight the glasses I was using at the time let in. The Face would have been the perfect pair of shades for those sunny, exposed trails!

The other drawback is the weight. While 32 grams might not sound like a lot, while using these glasses out on the trail the extra heft (when compared to a more performance-oriented pair of shades) is readily apparent. Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but for really long rides it can get annoying.

Due in part to the excellent construction as well as the over-built design, durability over the past few months has been excellent and I’ve had absolutely no issues with these glasses!

Bottom Line

Looking for a pair of shades that are as at home on the beach and in the park as they are on sunny singletrack? Be sure to give the Face a good look!

Many thanks to Ryders Eyewear for sending the Face sunglasses over for review.