Review: Bolle Bounty Sunglasses

The Bolle Bounty glasses look totally unassuming on the showroom floor. But when you get them out on the trail, the Bountys throw down no matter how formidable the challenge might be.

2015-04-10 bolle bounty


The Bolle Bountys are full-framed glasses with what appears to be pretty standard nylon arms. There’s no adjustment in either the arms or nose piece, but those three contact points do offer grippy, rubberized contact patches.

The lenses are standard polarized, reflective lenses. While they’re not as high quality as the Trivex lenses found in Bolle’s higher-end 6th Sense shades, the vision through the lenses is still more than adequate.

2014-04-10 kali-1

Note: The specs and photos on the Bolle website for the Bounty differ slightly from the glasses I tested, so a few things, such as an adjustable nose piece and photo-chromic lenses, seem to have been updated since I received my test sample.

Out on the Trail

Once I hit the trail, however, these glasses just performed. The grippy ends to the glasses coupled with the strong, hardy nylon construction just stuck to my head like glue! Pinning it through rock gardens, launching drops, you name it–these glasses just worked.

These glasses are good-looking but for the most part, aside from the reflective orange lenses, they’re no-nonsense and won’t make someone come up to you and ask what brand of shades you’re rocking. However, they’ll just do the job they’re designed for: cutting down on glare from the sun, staying on your face, and keeping stray branches and grit from the trail out of your eyes.


Bottom Line

While the lenses in the Bounty glasses I tested aren’t the top of the line, they do their job and do it well. While Amazon seems to think that the MSRP is $120 for these, you can actually buy them there for $65 with free Prime shipping. This is a bomber pair of shades for 65 bones.

Thanks to Bolle for providing the Bountys for review.