News: 100% Releases Speedcraft Glasses

Photo: 100%
Photo: 100%

For those that follow motocross and downhill racing, 100% is probably a familiar brand. They make a variety of gloves and goggles in an array of colors ranging from stealthy to flashy.

Their latest offering is the Speedcraft series: high performance glasses aimed at trail riding. The large lens looks to provide plenty of coverage and according to 100%, it “increases peripheral view and UV protection.”

There are two models available, the Speedcraft LL and the Speedcraft SL. The difference between them is the size of the lens, with the SL being the shorter of the two. You may notice in the product shots below that the LL has little vents at the bottom of the lens to help with airflow, while the SL does not.

Speedcraft LL
100% Speedcraft LL
Speedcraft SL
100% Speedcraft SL

If I’m counting correctly, there are six color options for the frames and at least 10 options for the lenses. The Speedcrafts will start at $175 and include a molded case, a micro-fiber bag, a spare low-light lens, and additional nose pads.

100% will be showing the new glasses at Sea Otter this week and we’ll be there to check them out firsthand.

For more info on the Speedcraft shades, click here.