Spy Optic Quanta Sunglasses Review

The Quanta sunglasses from Spy Optic are constructed from solid materials and sport a number of features that any mountain biker can appreciate. Plus, unlike a lot of other mountain bike gear, you can actually wear your sunglasses when you’re not on the trail.

Although the Quanta sunglasses aren’t designed specifically for mountain biking (it’s just one of many intended uses), clearly the designers had riders like me in mind. My favorite feature has to be the (patented) Scoop Venting System that reduces fogging when you’re huffing and puffing. Looking closely at the glasses you can actually see the air channels on either side of the glasses that direct airflow toward your face. Now I love a good climb on the bike plus I sweat a lot so fogging lenses is a constant problem for me. The Quantas didn’t fog as much as other glasses I’ve worn though they did still need a good inside wipe every now and then (hey, nobody’s perfect!).

The temple tips on the Quanta sunglasses are some of the grippiest I’ve seen which means they won’t slip when you’re bombing down chunky trails. Of course the tradeoff is they don’t slip on and off smoothly so I have to remind myself to spread the temples to avoid yanking my hair out. The nose pads appear to be made from the same rubbery material for good measure.

The Quantas offer great coverage and protection on the trail and fit closely on my face. My sunglasses feature bronze lenses (there are several other choices including polarized versions based on the colorway you choose) which have worked well in most light conditions I’ve encountered on the mountain bike trail. Of course at dawn and dusk you’ll want to stash these shades but even on fully overcast days the lenses aren’t overly dark.

Spy Optic has a lot to say about the durability of these sunglasses and although I didn’t have a chance to put those claims to the test, I can say the Quantas feel solid and durable. Spy claims the lenses are impact resistant and are “virtually unbreakable” which is reassuring when floating through tight, branchy singletrack. The lenses are also anti-scratch and are meant to repel water/dust/oil. In my experience they do stay clean longer than some other sunglasses I own, perhaps thanks to these “anti” treatments. My pair weighs just under 1 ounce.

Styling is a very subjective part of choosing a pair of sunglasses – everyone has their own idea about what makes a cool set of shades. Clearly trends are important (oversized glasses still seem to rule) but beyond that it’s up to the wearer. I’m not sure if the Quanta styling completely suits me – I usually prefer more rounded frames – but it’s tough to argue with performance. Fortunately Spy offers dozens of styles which makes it easy to find the right glasses to fit your face.

At $99.95 MSRP, the Spy Optics Quanta sunglasses are a great pair of mid-price shades that any mountain biker can appreciate. And with pro riders like Sam Hill and Mike Montgomery repping Spy this year, it’s easy to see the company is dedicated to supporting the ride!

Thanks to the folks at Spy Optic for providing the Quantas for review.

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