Yelp Reviews Reveal 8 Ways Bike Shops Fail Customers


Online reviews are the great equalizer in today’s market, giving the consumer a powerful voice and an informed choice. Even poorly delivered, incomprehensible rants–from strangers, no less–are carefully weighed against the longer list of positive reviews. Four of 48 people give a bad review, and all of the sudden that business moves to the back burner because… well, what if you’re …

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Ride Bikes, Be Happy: How Mountain Biking Improves My Mental Health


I love to mountain bike. Even when I am not physically on a bike, a vast majority of my thoughts revolve around riding bikes–future rides, past rides, what bikes or components or gear I want to buy someday, skills I want to work on, how I can mountain bike even more than I already do… the …

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The Quickest Way To Ruin a Great Ride: Listening To a Complainer


I’ve done a lot of group rides over the years. Sometimes I’m among the faster people, and sometimes I’m the one everybody’s waiting for at the designated stops. When you’re the slow person, the conversation is always the same. You smile and say, “you don’t have to wait for me.” To which everyone replies, “no, …

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New 16-mile MTB Trail System on Tap for Kings Mountain, NC

Kings Mountain as seen from Crowders Mountain State Park. Photo:

IMBA and the Tarheel Trailblazers are working with State and National Parks on designing a brand-new 16-mile trail system on the NC/SC border. This project is particularly noteworthy because it takes place not only on National Park land (Kings Mountain National Military Park) but also involves land within both NC and SC State Parks. If you’ve …

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Opinion: Don’t Permit Instances of Anti-Cyclist Rage


Editor’s Note: Walter Rhein is a cyclist who rides road bikes, mountain bikes, and everything in between. He’s also a father, a husband, a son, and a friend. The opinions expressed in this commentary are Walter’s alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Spring can be infuriating for cyclists. The minute it …

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Chris’s Overzealous Riding Goals for 2016

dakine oakridge flannel

Although it was an extremely ride-productive year for me, looking back on 2015, I really fell short in the pre-season planning department. In fact, out of three goals I had set for myself and submitted to you, I only completed one! Granted, many, many other worthwhile opportunities for adventure presented themselves upon which I capitalized, however, it would simply …

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