IPA Blind Taste Test: Our Panel of Mountain Bikers Picks the Best Beers

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Editor’s Note: Singletracks does not encourage or condone underage alcohol consumption or excessive drinking. If you’re underage according to local law, choose to abstain, or just can’t stand when people geek out about beer, we ask that you choose another article to read–perhaps this one. A few months back we asked nearly 2,000 mountain bikers what …

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RIP Kelly McGarry

Kelly McGarry competing in Winter Park, CO. Photo: Michael Paul.

News has reached us that freerider Kelly McGarry has died while riding in New Zealand this weekend. Having met Kelly briefly, in addition to watching probably all of his videos, I can truly say that not only have we lost an extremely talented rider, but we have lost a genuinely great man. Kelly, you will …

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Opinion: You Should Arm Yourself When You Mountain Bike

There are times when you may need to defend yourself on the trail

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this commentary are Michael Paul’s alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Singletracks.com. The world can be a dangerous place. As you venture into the wild, sometimes alone, many of you may ask yourselves, “should I carry something to protect myself in case something happens to me?” …

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Free MTB Game for iOS and Android: Red Bull’s Bike Unchained


Most–ok, all–true mountain bikers would rather be out on the trail than sitting inside playing video games, but we know life isn’t all singletrack and sunshine. So when boredom strikes or the trails turn to mud, Red Bull’s Bike Unchained is there to pick up the slack! This free iOS and Android smartphone game from Red …

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Thinking and Mountain Biking (Without Going Endo)

Photo: Greg Heil

Some of the greatest joys of mountain biking are intrinsic to the name itself: you get to bike around in the mountains! What could be better? Settling your butt onto your well-worn, perfectly-fitted, split-tail bike seat almost guarantees that you will be getting away from the multiplying vicissitudes of mini-malls, phone calls, the unrelenting “bing” …

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