Opinion: Quit Your MTB Proselytizing

Gratuitous action photo showcasing MTB awesomeness and fanaticism. Photo: Trevor Warne

proselytize – verb: to try to persuade people to join a religion, cause, or group. I’ve observed an interesting phenomenon in the world of mountain biking that I honestly don’t think I’ve seen in any other sport else, at least to this degree. That phenomenon is this: the average mountain biker seems to think that we …

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How to Fat Bike in the Snow with Kiddos

Riding on sidewalks with 1-2 inches of soft powder is a perfect way to get out and enjoy fat biking with your kids and get some excercise

Winter is almost over, but spring conditions in certain parts of the country are a great time to get the kids out for some last minute snow adventures since it is generally warmer. It is also a great alternative activity for families who travel to the mountains for spring break, but don’t have the legs …

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Do Dogs Smile?


Do dogs smile? Google this question and you will find most dog behaviorists yammering that dogs don’t really smile and that it is just a form of anthropomorphism as people try to make their little buddies little people. One “expert” chimed in that “we must face the truth and accept the fact that dogs are …

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Life Lessons from Mountain Biking: Growing Up vs. Growing Old


We are young Wandering the face of the earth Wondering what our dreams might be worth Learning that we’re all immortal . . . for a limited time from “Dreamline” by Rush (lyrics by Neil Peart) Music is full of profound statements.  Sometimes a single short sentence or phrase stands out as particularly meaningful.  “. …

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