The Long Road Back from a Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 1


Mark Wilson is an unassuming man. A proud father of three, he works with students across the globe on various projects and when he has time, he loves to ride his mountain bike. He is an interesting blend of both an introvert and an extrovert. Mark is relatively reserved and quiet much of the time, …

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The Long Road Back from a Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 2


In September 2013 Mark Wilson crashed on Porcupine Rim, taking a sharp rock a few inches below the rim of his helmet, sustaining a facial skull fracture, and developing a concussion that would evolve into Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI. That accident would affect every facet of his life thereafter, compromising aspects of his job, …

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Interbike Announces Awards for Best MTB Products and Athletes of 2015

photo: Michael Paul

Interbike wraps up today, and organizers just announced award winners in dozens of categories, including several mountain bike-specific categories. At least a couple of these products were part of the Singletracks Best of 2015 list announced back in August, so try to act surprised. Mountain Bike of the Year:  Pivot Mach 429SL Mountain Product Innovation …

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The Great Wizardry of the Fuji Auric One.1


I’m just going to put on my robe and wizard hat right now, because this article is going to talk about a full suspension mountainous bicycling contraption, and as we all know, mountain bike geometry and suspension are wizardry. Okay, good. Got that handled. On to business. I’m going to tell you about my ride …

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7 Lessons I’ve Learned About Life from Mountain Biking

Caption: One of my favorite photos of me and my favorite riding buddy, my husband. Photo Credit: Dean Bradley of DRB PhotoSports

About five years ago, before I started riding, mountain biking had never really crossed my mind. My husband and I participated in other extreme sports (whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding, etc.) and a friend of ours who had been mountain biking for several years suggested we try it. So we went out, bought bikes, and …

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Video: Shredding Lenzerheide Bike Park – Mountain Biking in Switzerland


SDS | Loose Gooners from on Vimeo. Noel Niederberger and Lutz Weber are two young talented downhill racers from Switzerland. One week after they raced at the UCI World Cup in Lenzerheide we spend four days together in the Bikepark Lenzerheide. After a leak of rain, the park became dusty and tough to ride. …

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