Dueling Banjos: How Two World-Class Bike Shops in Brevard, NC Set Themselves Apart

Dueling Banjos Sycamore Cycles The Hub Pisgah

If you haven’t yet heard about the phenomenal mountain biking in Western North Carolina, congratulations on your new internet connection! While riders in NC and the Southeast as a whole have been making the pilgrimage to the region for years, it largely flew under the radar in the broader mountain bike community. That has changed over the …

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Newsflash: The Sport of Mountain Biking Lacks Diversity


Sure, mountain biking is full of diversity: we have guys who shave their legs and race lightweight XC bikes, bros who shred DH bikes in full face helmets, and men with beards who ride fat bikes in the snow. But wait a minute–these are all men! And if you’re like me, you probably also imagined each of these guys …

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2016 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductees

photo: mmbhof.org

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame (MBHOF) just announced the 2016 inductees and the official ceremony is set for October 1 in Fairfax, CA at the Marin Museum of Bicycling. This year’s five-member class is a strong one and also a bit unusual. Nominations took place earlier in the spring and MBHOF members winnowed the …

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Yelp Reviews Reveal 8 Ways Bike Shops Fail Customers


Online reviews are the great equalizer in today’s market, giving the consumer a powerful voice and an informed choice. Even poorly delivered, incomprehensible rants–from strangers, no less–are carefully weighed against the longer list of positive reviews. Four of 48 people give a bad review, and all of the sudden that business moves to the back burner because… well, what if you’re …

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