Red Panda Components Says The Lobster Makes New Shimano Brakes Better

The Lobster is designed to prevent oil leakage from certain Shimano hydraulic disc brake levers, which can lead to an inconsistent bite point.

Red Panda Components from Moscow has an interesting device out called the Lobster, which is said to provide protection for Shimano’s hydraulic brakes and prevent damage from dirt and dust, ultimately preventing oil leakage which often leads to an inconsistent bite point.

Red Panda says that since certain Shimano brake pistons are not sealed, dirt can get behind the piston cuffs, scratching the inside of the cylinder walls, causing oil leakage, much like a scratch on the stanchion wall of a fork. Red Panda says that the Lobster is the “ultimate solution of the problem.”

The Red Panda Lobster (glad they didn’t add ‘Express’ to the model name), is a 6-piece kit with a Polyurethane replacement of the servo wave plates, which holds a silicone dust cover, reinforced with an ABS frame. The corrugated dust cover protects the pusher and prevents dirt from entering the master cylinder. Two bushings with grub screws shield the handle pin and assist the free stroke screw to keep the Lobster in place. Oil-resistant rubber O-rings seal the contact edges of the frame and cylinder.

Red Panda says that all of the original Shimano parts will remain intact and can be reinstalled at any time. The Lobster can be installed at home in under ten minutes without special tools, says the brand. Additionally, Red Panda says there’s no need to re-bleed. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the Lobster.

The Lobster for Shimano hydraulic brakes features: 

  1. Reinforced silicone dust cover, to protect the piston and master cylinder from dust, dirt and water (conforms to IP65)
  2. Sealed bushings to protect the handle pin
  3. Fast and simple installation without special equipment

The Lobster is available for the following Shimano brakes:

  1. Deore MT500/520
  2. SLX M7000/M7100/7120
  3. Deore XT M8000/M8020/M8100/M8120 
  4. Saint M820

Pricing is 17-28€, or $20-$80 depending on the model.

An installation video.