Michelin’s Force AM2 and Wild AM2 Tires get a Redesign for Harder Riding

Michelin redesigns the Wild and Force tires for increased speed and durability.
Photo: Michelin

Michelin has released two new all-mountain tires, the Force AM2 tire and the Wild AM2 and they say they are designed to meet the demands of the most aggressive mountain bike trails.

“The MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire and the MICHELIN WILD AM2 tire feature a stronger casing, optimized compounds for better grip and a tread pattern with new technology for efficient braking,” said Richard Kornacki, director of two wheel for Michelin North America. “As a result, riders experience more speed and reduced damage.”

Greg Heil rode the first rendition of the Force at a press camp in 2017 and experienced a tire that was on the lighter, and less grippy side than what seemed intended. The Force AM2 knobs look much beefier than the previous design. He didn’t have much luck with the Wilds either. The increased weight and expected durability of the new models will surely be welcomed by some.

The tires will come in either 27.5- or 29-inch diameters, with 2.4″ and 2.6″ widths. The Force AM2 is optimized for hard-packed and mixed-surface trails and the tread pattern and compound has been optimized for grip, braking, and rolling efficiency. The tread pattern has elongated center blocks for reduced rolling resistance and the cornering knobs are inspired by the Michelin DH22, designed to ensure grip and stability in corners.

The Wild AM2 is made for mixed to soft terrain, with a more aggressive tread and taller center knobs for higher levels of grip.

Both tires are a dual-compound with a stiffer center knob pattern and softer knobs for cornering. Michelin used Gravity Shield Technology casing, a high density fiber that stretches from bead to bead, to reduce cuts and punctures. Michelin says that they can be used as front, rear, or mixed for different combos.

Weights start at 980g for the Force AM2 and run up to 1,130g for the Wild AM2 in a 29×2.6″. The tires should be available in April.

Update: Pricing is as follows: