Dynaplug Racer Pro has One Side for Big Punctures, Another that is ‘Wheel Friendly’

Dynaplug has a new rubber-stuffing plug tool out, and they have added ‘Twin-Tube’ technology to the existing Racer tool for the Racer Pro.

The Twin-Tube tech isn’t nearly as complicated as tech of the same name found in high-performance rear shocks. The Racer Pro has two pre-loaded plug tubes on each side, for a total of four deployable tire plugs.

The plugs are machined in the US of A, in Chico, California and are made from billet aluminum and stainless steel. The Racer Pro weighs 26g and comes with snap-on caps for both sides that pop off the end to reveal the plug tips. On one side is a wheel-friendly soft brass tip to mitigate the risk of rim damage by inserting a plug. On the other side of the tool is an aluminum tip for larger punctures.

The Racer Pro kit includes the tool, three soft, pointed tips, one Megaplug, and two double-sided Twin Tube insertion tubes. There are four options for colors; black, polished, bronze, or rinstra. The kit costs $55.

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