WTB Widens The Vigilante Tire to “Plus” For Max Traction

WTB announces a wider "plus" version of their popular front tire, the Vigilante.

Photo: WTB.

Tire brand WTB (Wilderness Trail Bikes) added an even wider version of its popular front tire to the lineup with the Vigilante 2.8.

In June WTB released updated versions of the Trail Boss and Vigilante, along with a new tire named the Judge.

The Vigilante was first released in 2.5- and 2.6-inch widths, but it seems that there’s a demand for an even wider front tire with the new 2.8-inch version. WTB recommends running the 2.8-inch version with a 35mm internal width rim, although anything up to a 45mm internal can be used.

The Vigilante 2.8 will use the TriTech triple compound, which consists of a very firm base compound around the whole tire, a firm-ish center knob compound for a better rolling resistance, and soft side knobs for cornering traction.

Photo: WTB.

The Light version of the 2.8-inch Vigilante tire will still have what the brand calls Slash Guard, a nylon insert on the single-ply casing. The Vigilante 2.8 will be offered in a dual-ply casing as well.

For now, the Vigilante 2.8 is offered in a 27.5-inch diameter, but a 29-inch version is expected to be available in February 2019. Pricing runs from $68 to $80.

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