What Frustrates You About Your Experiences with Kids Bikes? [Survey]

Whether you're a parent or just a big kid who still remembers their first bike, chances are you've noticed most kids bikes aren't perfect.
woom kids bike full face helmet
photo: woom bikes

Whether you’re a parent or just a big kid who still remembers their first bike, chances are you’ve noticed kids bikes are rarely perfect. Cost considerations, durability, and even geometry get tricky when trying to shrink grown-up bikes down to size.

Thank you to our sponsor, woom! woom’s mission is to inspire kids to love riding their bikes, so the brand makes lightweight, easy-to-learn-on, high-quality bikes that are tailor-made for a child’s anatomy and needs. woom bikes are often half the weight of kids’ bikes found at traditional retail stores, and attention to detail is what truly sets them apart. From the careful selection of materials to the commitment to safety and performance, woom strives to develop the ideal kids bike and the ideal riding experience for kids of all ages.  

Family owned and operated, woom USA opened in Austin, Texas, in 2014, and is helmed by founder/CEO and father of two, Mathias Ihlenfeld. In 2019, woom USA was named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., ranked No. 259 overall and 20th in Texas. woom ships directly to customers, and assembly is quick and simple. woom offers top-notch customer service at every step—and every pedal stroke—along the way. For more information, visit us.woombikes.com or call 855-966-6872.