Two bike pics posted a couple good pics and links last week that you may have missed.



Yep, that’s El Diablo, the crazy Tour de France dude, on top of an ENORMOUS bike. No word on whether El Diablo plans a mountain bike version but I’m pretty sure you’d have to keep this baby above the tree line to avoid being clothes-lined. Check out the web link below the pic to see other El Diablo creations including a guitar bike and a fish bike.


It’s not clear where this photo came from but 100km tells us they’re stolen bikes. If you’re missing a mountain bike, take a close look at this pic and you may find your rig! A few things I noticed in this picture: 1. There are a lot of pink bikes and bikes with white tires (can kids bikes really be worth stealing?) 2. Pee Wee Herman’s bike is here (bottom left) and 3. It’s amazing the neighbors didn’t complain or raise questions when the guy only had half this many bikes. Pretty soon bikes would have started showing up in the pool and on the trampoline 😉

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