Thomson Adding 35mm Stems and Handlebars

Thomson is adding 35mm clamp diameter stems and handlebars to their line, cementing the 35mm bar standard.

Thomson will soon offer 35mm stems and handlebars (photo: Aaron Chamberlain)

Thomson is one of those rare component companies that doesn’t chase every trend. Instead, they are methodical — maybe even slow — to add anything to their line. The 35mm clamp diameter for bars and stems is several years old now, but for many reasons, it hasn’t caught on like the jump from 25.4 to 31.8. Only recently have we seen momentum for 35mm grow, largely due to bike companies speccing the standard as original equipment. Thomson will soon sell bars and accompanying stems in 35mm, squashing any doubt that the standard is here to stay.

The Elite X4 35mm stems will come in three lengths ideal for modern trail and enduro bikes: 32mm, 40mm, and 50mm. The matching Elite TR35 handlebars are all 800mm wide with 9° of backsweep and 5° of upsweep. Riders also get to pick from rise options of 10mm, 20mm, and 35mm.

Both the stems and bars are made from aluminum, and while exact pricing is not finalized, Thomson expects it to be in line with their current offerings. For stems, that means $100-$110, and around $110 for the handlebars. Expect to see them in shops next spring.