Pirelli Makes eMTB-Specific Tires with HyperWALL

Pirelli tailors their mountain bike tire offerings for electric use.
Photos courtesy of Pirelli.

Pirelli is now adding tougher tire options for eMTBers with a heavier sidewall option to withstand the weight of motorized bikes.

The new Pirelli Scorpion eMTB tires are aimed across disciplines, from XC to trail and enduro, and the brand makes a similar claim about the regular mountain bike tires in their lineup. We’ve found the regular tires perform better for certain types of riding than other types, so eMTB riders should keep that in mind.

The eMTB tires have the same tread pattern options as the regular tires: M (mixed terrain), R (rear specific), and S (soft terrain). Check the hyperlinks for reviews on those tires on standard MTBs. Mixed tires are aimed for varying conditions, R is a semi-slick like option made for the back end of the bike, and the soft option has softer, more aggressive tread.

A breakdown of HyperWALL.

Pirelli is using a SmartGRIP+ Compound, a “reformulation” of the Pirelli Scorpion mountain bike tire compound, and they’ve added Lingnin, which is a naturally sourced chemical component, to make the compound more durable overall.

They are also using a casing called HyperWALL in their eMTB tires, to resist pinch flats and increase stability. Pirelli says that HyperWALL improves stability by about 10%, handling by 25%, and protection against pinch flats by 50%. This is of course based on Pirelli’s own testing done in Italy.

Pirelli is only offering a 2.6″ width for both 27.5- and 29-inch diameters. The 27.5 tire is a claimed 1200g, and the 29er weighs a claimed 1,330g.