News: Coronet Peak Open for MTB this Summer

1280px-Coronet_Peak_in_evening-sep13Listen up, Kiwis; especially those of you in the Queenstown area. NZSki Ltd., the company that runs the Corornet Peak skifield, is going to open itself for mountain biking this summer.

Here’s Coronet Peak ski area manager Ross Copland on being excited to open up the chairlift to bikers and summer sightseers following a five-year hiatus:

We have some incredible trails up here but the big uphill pedal isn’t for everyone. Opening the chairlift will make it much more accessible for riders of all ability and fitness levels to reach the top, meaning more time riding and less time pushing.

Hey, NZSki, why not fly some US mountain bike journalists to your lovely area this winter summer? You have everything we like. Mountains. Bikes. Beer. All you need is our smiling faces!

Oh well, probably a long shot, but if you’re close enough to take advantage we definitely want to see photos and a ride report.

Check it out on the NZSki site here.