New MRP ‘Ready to Shred’ Program Cuts Steerer Tube to Desired Length, Inserts Star Nut for Customers Who Order Online

MRP is making it easier than ever to purchase a mountain bike fork upgrade, ready to install right out of the box.
Image: MRP

Considering that most people who upgrade their forks are often spending near $1,000, there isn’t a lot of customizability happening, and installation can be a pain for a lot of us who don’t have a shed full of bike tools.

Mountain Racing Products (MRP) wants to make it easier for customers spending their hard-earned money on a sweet fork. Their new Ready to Shred process should make things a lot easier for the regular consumer.

Ready to Shred incorporates a few new steps into the ordering process on the MRP website. Select the MRP fork of your choice, the travel, offset, axle spec, and color, then tell MRP about your bike and riding style. MRP factors into the fork purchase what bike the customer has, their rider weight, local riding terrain and style, and suspension performance.

When the order is placed, MRP cuts the steerer tube to the customer’s desired length, and installs the star nut and crown race, and will include a brake adapter if necessary. Then fork installation can be performed by pretty much anyone with a basic set of tools, or even a multi-tool.

MRP is currently offering Ready to Shred for free for a limited time. Check out their website, or this video for more information.