New Kuat Add-On Rack Tray Makes the NV 2.0 Expandable by One

Kuat adds on a single bike add-on tray to take the NV 2.0 to three.

Want to take more people to the trailhead in your car, but not make it a free-for-all? Kuat has a new add-on rack available that expands the popular NV 2.0 rack by one tray. The One Bike Add-On is now available.

The Add-On has an integrated cable lock, and can fit bikes that have up to a 50-inch wheelbase, with tires five inches wide. With the Add-On at three bikes, the NV 2.0 trays can hold up to 50lbs each, and it’s compatible with both the 2″ NV 2.0 or the NV 2.0 Base.

The Base One Bike Add-On sells for $280 and the NV 2.0 One Bike Add-On sells for $300.

Kuat also released a new version of its hitch extension called the Hi-Lo Pro, with their proprietary Flat-lock hitch cam to mitigate wobble. The Hi-Lo Pro is a 2″ extension, working with 2″ receivers, and allows 2″ of drop or rise. This can be used with the NV 2.0, NV 2.0 Add-On, Base 2.0, Sherpa 2.0, Transfer, and the original NV 2-bike rack.

The Hi-Lo Pro sells for $98.

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