New Entry-Level GoPro Hero Camera Costs Just $199

GoPro has just released an entry-level Hero model for $199, with HD video and a touchscreen.

As GoPro worked to release new cameras year after year, while discontinuing the old models, the sticker price on their products continued to climb, culminating in the $700 Fusion ($880 with all the available options). The company made an attempt to bring prices down a couple years ago with the Session, but presumably, that camera didn’t actually provide the features people wanted, and it no longer appears on the GoPro website.

The new Hero, in comparison, provides exceptional technology in an affordable $199 package.

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Simply referred to as the “Hero,” this new model offers a beautiful 2-inch touchscreen display for selecting options and lining up the shot. Even with the display, the camera is “extremely durable” and waterproof to 30 feet–without a case.

Of course, this camera can’t provide the image quality of a $400 Hero 6 model. But the ability to shoot 1440p60 HD video and 10MP photos should be more than adequate for the amateur shooter.

Other features include voice control to start and stop recording, video stabilization, and compatibility with all the GoPro extras like the smartphone app, editing software, and mounts.

Will lowering the barrier to entry with what appears to be a stunning product for the price entice more amateur shooters to bite? Quite possibly, and this change in tactics could be just what GoPro needs to fix their current financial woes.