GoPro Hero 4 Session Helmet Camera Review

4.80 out of 5
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January 29, 2017
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: light weight durable doesn't need housing for water proof easy to use good video quality GREAT mic able to mount is much better spots than larger gopros good battery life

Cons: does not have 4k does not have screen

January 6, 2017
Model/Year: 2016

Pros: Small, good quality, durable, no housing

Cons: Not many, but to be picky it doesn't have all the features of higher end gopro. And there is no viewfinder without connecting it to your phone, so if you don't feel like connecting it your shooting in the dark.

Recommendation: A great little camera, it can do 80% of a normal gorpo and its really easy to use and carry, a good price also

October 11, 2016
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: Lots of quality options

Recommendation: I highly recommend this camera! It is great! For $200 it's pretty hard to beat, no it doesn't have 4k video quality but it sure is a good action camera. The Hero 5 session has 4k if you want to pay more.

June 19, 2016
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: Compact, light weight, all in one, single button operation, near limitless mounting options.

A small, easy to use camera that does the vast majority of things the majority of us will need. Unlike other GoPros it doesn't need an additional case to be water/dust resistant so in a "trail-proof" guise (the 4 Black without water resistant case isn't too much larger or heavier) it is much smaller and lighter than its stablemates and competitors.

Excellent connectivity makes set up easy; no repeatedly mashing buttons in a huge, abstract, invisible menu systems where you click past the option you want and get infuriated. A little bit of fairly straight forward button pressing will have you linked to you Android/iOS device and the accompanying app where you can fiddle with the settings and frame your shots using your device as a remote monitor.

Single button operation makes it far less likely you'll miss anything and as it's off when it isn't recording you can eek out the limited internal battery to last a full day's riding.

Speaking of the non-interchangeable battery, I've had about 1hr 45min recording from it in -2ÂșC weather. For longer days it's simple enough to carry a small power brick and recharge it on your lunch stop.

GoPro Studio (available free from the GoPro website) is an excellent little Non-Linear Editor designed specifically to work with GoPro files. It isn't an incredibly powerful NLE but it lets you do the usual stuff like colour correction, speed up/slow down footage and adding sound and music; it also has the facility to remove some of the lens distortion to give a flatter, less fisheye image. For those new to NLEs and video editing it also has a selection of templates, complete with music and titles, in to which one can simply drop footage and get a fairly nice video out the other end.

Cons: Limited low light capability, maximum 60fps, internal battery only.

Recommendation: An excellent product at the price point. Simple to use, self contained, reasonable capabilities; when paired with the GoPro App and GoPro Studio makes an excellent introduction to action videography.

February 21, 2016
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: Two Hour battery life

Recommendation: Great Product for the price!