National Study: Americans are Riding Bikes More and Want to Continue after Pandemic

Trek released a study that says more people are out on their bikes during the pandemic.
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If one thing has noticeably improved during this pandemic, it’s that more people are riding bikes. Whether it’s around the block or on the trails, it certainly looks like far more people out riding bikes lately.

Trek Bikes released a study on April 16, which surveyed over 1,000 Americans, ages 18 and up. Trek partnered with research firm Engine Insights to find out how cycling behaviors have changed due to the pandemic and the resulting shelter-in-place orders around the country.

The study revealed that riding a bike is perceived as a safer activity and mode of transportation, compared with public transportation, and that more people have hopped on a bike lately.

Trek says that about 1/5th of Americans who own a bike are riding more during the coronavirus pandemic, which could be traced back to a need for exercise or stress relief and a need for transportation that can be done effectively with social distancing. Trek says that the study found that half of Americans are planning to ride their bike more after the pandemic is over.

“Exercise is key to not only physical health, but mental health as well, and it was encouraging to see that nearly one-third of Americans are turning to bike riding to destress and help cope with the current environment,” said Trek president, John Burke.

The study revealed some other interesting points, though they are thoroughly qualified.

According to the data, 85% of Americans think cycling is safer than public transportation while social distancing. This shouldn’t be shocking since it is encouraged to avoid tight public spaces at the moment.

The study says that if Americans must travel within five miles of their home during COVID-19, then 90% included biking in their top three primary modes of transportation. The other two modes were not included in the statement, and the reason for travel is not stated either.

About 63% of the participants said that riding a bike helped relieve stress or anxiety currently, and 27% of participants rode a bike to alleviate stress. 41% of the participants reportedly felt that exercise was a primary motivation to ride during the pandemic.

Trek didn’t release the study’s methodology or any other details about how the data was collected, but it is an uplifting sign as it certainly looks like more people are getting out on two wheels than before.