MTB News Tidbits

Did anyone happen to catch video of the protests outside the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN last night? The riot police there were using mountain bikes – but not in the way you’d imagine. Instead of carrying those huge clear, plastic shields to back the crowds up there was one group that was using their bikes, stood on end, to push protesters away. The tires on these bikes looked pretty knobby, I wonder if any of the protesters ended up with MTB tire tread marks on their faces 😉 If anyone can find photos from last night let me know…

In other mountain bike news:


The World Firefighters Games took place in Liverpool, UK earlier this week and more than 100 firefighters took part in the mountain bike competition. The race was held in Llandegla Forest where there are more than 40Km of mountain bike trails – WAY more dirt than the Olympic riders saw in Beijing. I guess police officers aren’t the only public servants who enjoy mountain biking 😉


For those of you who just can’t get enough mountain bike trail detail online, there’s a new(ish) site called Veo Geo that will sync your helmet camera video with GPS trail data to give you an interesting virtual trail experience. We weren’t able to get any of the MTB trail videos to work (apparently the guys are having trouble with YouTube hosted videos at the moment) but this race car video worked flawlessly. What’s next – trail holograms? chair vibrators and fans that simulate trail conditions? We’ll keep you posted.

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