MTB News Roundup: SRAM XX pics, Leadville Century, and more

Lots of interesting stuff in the MTB news this week:

Photos of SRAM XX MTB component group leaked: A Taiwanese website has posted purported spy pics of SRAM XX components which will compete against the high end XTR group from Shimano. The graphic indicates the entire group will weigh less than 2300 grams which ain’t bad. Part of the weight savings comes from the fact that the gearing will be 2×9 rather than 3×9 – these days less is definitely more when it comes to MTB components.

Dirty Century Training: Speaking earlier this week about dirty century rides, The Watch newspaper out of Telluride has a good article on a guy who is training for the Leadman competition in Leadville, CO this year. You’ve probably heard of the Leadville 100 MTB race (you know, the one where Lance got beat last year) but to become an official “Leadman” you need to complete the dirty century PLUS a 100 mile trail run and a couple other Leadville events (thankfully not on the same day). All events take place above 9,000 feet and some go as high as 13,000+ feet so you know altitude training will be important. Read the article and be glad you’re not getting up at 4am to spin on the trainer in your basement.

Ammunition from “the enemy”: posted an article about the “uphill battle” mountain bikers face with regards to trail access and they even posted pics of an illegal mountain bike trail rider sneaking through the woods (shock!). The best part, though, is that the article brings up another argument for why mountain bikers SHOULD be allowed on trails that I hadn’t though of before: mountain bikers act as “de-facto park rangers.” Yep, mountain bikers are usually helpful to folks in distress (hikers or bikers) and we’re usually prepared with water and snacks and able to get help more quickly than folks on foot. Just add helpfulness to the list of good stuff mountain bikers do for trails: we volunteer, we’re courteous, and we cause no more erosion than hikers. Sure some mountain bikers go off trail every now and then but so do hikers looking for their precious geocaches!

The MTB news seems to be coming faster these days – riding season can’t be far off!