MTB Blogosphere Round-up

Ah, the blogosphere. Maybe you thought the blogosphere was limited to political bloggers who are the talk of the television news these days but mountain bikers can be bloggers too (yours truly included). Take a look at what you may have missed in the worldwide MTB blogosphere this weekend:

Mountain Bikers Care About Wild Places: (a site for Australian mountain bikers) posted a piece by Jim Hasenauer, IMBA Board Member and MTB hall of famer, about the wild and natural parts of mountain biking. Have you ever stopped to think about the indigenous people who lived on the land where you ride your bike? Probably not, but this piece could give you a new perspective…

Riding & trail work: This piece comes from a blog with perhaps my favorite title of all time: From Blob to Athlete. Tinkerbell (the blog author) is from Christchurch, New Zealand, and in this particular post talks about her weekend of riding and trail construction.

Summer’s Eve ride: The Dirt Divas of Sqamish, BC have a blog and just posted info about the Summer’s Eve ride happening tomorrow evening. The blog seems like a great resource for local riders with tons of upcoming event postings and even a couple trail maps of the area.

Road vs. MTB Helmet: Yep, the debate rages on but this time Mark Michaelis has the data to back himself up. This post runs down the weight, # of vents, and prices on some popular road and MTB helmets and links to some great resources for understanding the differences between the two helmet types.

Father / Son ride report: Fresh off the Father’s Day weekend, Hack’s MTB blog has a post about his latest ride with his son Otto. This blog has some great pics of the epic trail riding in Oregon.

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