Mountain Bikers Have Much to be Thankful for This Holiday Season

Adam Craig racing EWS round 2 in 2014, Emerald Enduro, Wicklow, Ireland. Photo by Sven Martin.

Whether you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday or not, we all have a lot to be thankful for in our respective mountain bike communities. Many riders in the U.S. will be heading out to the trails with friends to empty the calorie bank before refueling with a hearty meal later in the day. Having that sweet bike, trails to ride, shred friends, and the ability to take a day off and enjoy it all is reason enough to be thankful.

Former professional mountain biker Adam Craig is fond of the phrase “it’s an amazing time to be a mountain biker”, and I can fully agree with him. Our trails improve and grow longer every year, there are more of them, bikes are shedding weight and are more capable with every iteration, and even the most brutish Flinstone-style riders have a hard time breaking components these days. There has never been a better time to enjoy our sport than now, and I am thankful for all of it!

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