What the MTB Community Wants for Christmas [Podcast #182]

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Mountain biking has a lot of momentum going into 2019, but if we’re honest there are things all of us can do to make our sport even better. Whether you’re new to the MTB community, or you’re comfortably established, we want to reflect on some ways to give back during this season of giving. If mountain biking had a wish list for Santa, these are the things that would be on it.

In this episode, we’ll suggest ways we can all speak, give, share, and help the mountain bike community.  Here are the action steps we suggest for 2019:

  • Take 5 minutes to submit a letter to your rep or to sign a petition the next time one hits your inbox or news feed.
  • Give to you local MTB club this year. It costs less than a single new tire.
  • Share something on Singletracks.
  • Offer help or encouragement to someone who is just starting out.

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