Mountain bike motivations is an Australia mountain biking forum and one of the bloggers, Mig Pilot, is a self-described ‘fat guy’ trying to get back on the bike. It sounds like the blog will chronicle his efforts to get back in shape through mountain biking which should be an interesting read for anyone looking for a fun way to lose a few pounds.

Of course all of this might sound familiar if you’ve been reading the Fat Cyclist blog over the past couple years. Fatty has practically become legend here in the US with his own line of jerseys and even an official race team. The Fat Cyclist blog has been motivation for so many folks, both riders and non-riders alike that I’m surprised there isn’t a Fat Cyclist training guide or at least a cookbook for sale on Amazon yet.

The motivational power of the mountain bike is actually pretty amazing and its powers extend beyond mere weight loss. Trips for Kids sponsors mountain bike events for inner city youth as a way of teaching personal responsibility and achievement. Mountain bike trials rider Ryan Leach uses his skills on the mountain bike to motivate and inspire kids through his Trials of Life speaking tours. Mountain biking even motivates some to take better care of the environment through trail work and reclamation.

Mountain biking is such a positive force in many of our lives and it’s important that we recognize how it can make us better people and empower those around us. How does mountain biking motivate you?