Ibis Ripmo now in Aluminum for Less Money

The popular Ibis Ripmo 29er mountain bike gets a new frame option with a lower price.

Photos courtesy of Ibis

The Ibis Ripmo stormed onto the scene in early of 2018 and quickly became a very popular bike. With the high quality carbon fiber frame however, came a high price tag. A frame-only Ripmo costs $3,000, and the very base level, SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed equipped Ripmo is priced at $4,400 — hardly affordable for a meagerly-specced bike.

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Today, Ibis has a more reasonable offer for the Ripmo and has introduced an aluminum frame, with a frame-only price of $1,800, and complete builds starting at $3,000.

It is heavier, of course. A medium frame, with a DVO Topaz rear shock weighs 8.25 pounds compared to a medium carbon fiber frame which weighs 6.1 pounds. The rest of the details remain similar to the carbon frame though, and it has 147mm of rear travel, 160mm of fork travel, a 64.9-deg. head tube angle, 76-deg. seat tube angle, a threaded bottom bracket, and can fit a 22oz bottle inside the frame.

A $3,000 build kit gets buyers a SRAM NX Eagle-equipped frame with SRAM Guide T four-piston brakes and Ibis OEM wheels. For $4,000, the Ripmo AF comes with a Shimano 12-speed SLX drivetrain and SLX brakes, and the $4,300 build has a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain with Shimano Deore MT520 four-piston brakes.

Photo: Ian Collins

For more information, check out the Ibis website.