Giving Project: 10 Christmas Bikes for Kids in 2011

This holiday season the Singletracks community has the opportunity to give the gift of biking to 10 underprivileged kids through two different groups. Our goal: raise $100 to purchase a bike and helmet for each child by November, 30, 2011.

Belmont Hills Elementary School 3rd Grade Class

A friend of ours teaches 3rd grade at Belmont Hills Elementary school just outside Atlanta and organizes a project each year to bring Christmas to her students and their families. Here’s how she describes the project:

This project began 5 years ago when I had my students make a Christmas List for Santa. Many of my students just sat doing nothing. When I began talking with them, I realized why they were just sitting. As 2nd graders, they looked me in the eyes and said “We know Santa isn’t real. He never brings us anything. Why should we make a list of things we will never get?”

Many of the students wear the same outfit to school every day and take home parts of their school lunch to younger siblings that do not get provided (free meals) by the school.

This year’s Christmas project will touch 19 families with a total of 67 kids. Of those kids, 8 have asked for bikes.

Ryder Transportation / Salvation Army

Ryder Transportation is sponsoring 75 children this holiday season and they reached out to us asking if we could provide 2 new or used bikes for a 10-year-old boy and girl. Ryder can use more bikes if we can raise them but have only asked us to commit to two.

It’s easy for many of us to drop $100 on a single bike upgrade – just imagine how much a $100 bike would mean to a child and a family who has so little!

How to Give

We’ve set up a donation page on where anyone can contribute funds. Our goal is to raise $1,000 to purchase bikes and helmets for the kids, boys and girls, ranging in age from 3 to 14 (though most are 8-10 years old). Donate as much or as little as you can – every bit counts!

If anyone is able to provide kids’ bike and helmets to us at a discount for this project, please email us directly ([email protected]). Or, if you have a new/used kids’ bike that’s in great shape and ready to ride, let us know about that as well! (Just remember we’re located in Atlanta so you’ll need to ship the items to us.)