SR Suntour Is Making an Awesome $850 Fork… For 20″ Kids’ Bikes

The high-end Axon, for the kids
The high-end Axon Werx, for the kids

SR Suntour has been in the suspension business since 1988, but has really come on strong in the past few years with a slew of products that can go toe-to-toe with offerings from any company. Greg spent some time with their burly Auron fork last summer; you can check out what he had to say about it here.

At Sea Otter, SR Suntour showed off one bad ass kid’s fork, the Axon Werx 20″. The kid’s version is based on their top-level XC fork, and is basically just a sawed-off version made to fit a 20″ wheel. It has the same adjustments as the full size version as well as the carbon fiber lowers and magnesium drop outs.

All this performance isn’t going to come cheap. The fork retails for $850. Talking to Dan from SR Suntour, if there’s enough interest in a high-end kid’s fork, they’ll look at doing a non-carbon option which will bring the price way down. Why not just do that now? Well, the tooling/molds for a fork’s cast lowers are not cheap. They’d have to sell boatloads (literally) of kids’ forks to recoup the cost. SR Suntour isn’t sure the market is quite there yet.

Even if the Axon Werx just ends up being a halo product, it’s still cool to see.

New shocks from Suntour
New shocks from Suntour

SR Suntour also had two new air shocks on hand at Sea Otter last weekend. The UNAir and DUAir are designed for XC bikes and trail bikes, respectively. The DUAir will use a larger volume air can as you can see in the photo. Expect to see these coming spec’d OE on bikes in the near future.

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