Christmas Bikes: Funded!

It’s official: we reached our fundraising goal to give 10 kids bikes this Christmas! Late last week JensonUSA came through and put us over the top PLUS they’re hooking us up with a deal on kick-ass helmets for the older kids.

The first two mountain bikes were delivered to Ryder Transportation late last month and are on their way to a needy family sponsored through the Salvation Army. We’re still in the process of purchasing and receiving bikes and helmets but plan to deliver the remaining 8 bikes and 8 helmets on December 18. We can’t wait to see the kids’ faces!

In order to maximize our funds we ended up purchasing some of the bikes from a department store (Black Friday deals were insane!) but rest assured – I tooled around on a couple 26″ bikes after assembling them and they are solid! Helmets will be purchased from a department store and JensonUSA.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to make this happen and to those who have helped us with discounts on the bikes and helmets. It feels great to be part of a community that’s so generous and I know these bikes will make a lot of kids happy this holiday season!

As promised, we’ll be sending out thank you rewards to all our contributors this week so watch your inbox.

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