Canfield Brothers Announces Their First-Ever Factory Builds

canfield riot
Canfield Riot. Because it’s that fun!

Besides riding your bike, nothing is more satisfying than building your bike with a careful, well-thought, and personalized collection of your favorite parts. The reality, however, is the bike building process is a time-consuming one and, more times than not, a more expensive route than purchasing a complete, shred-ready ride.

For a couple years now, the Brothers Canfield have been kicking around the idea of offering complete builds and this fall they’ve finally reached a new milestone in customer service with their first-ever factory completes. While Canfield does not offer complete builds for every frame (yet), they have started with some of their best, including: the Riot and Balance, an all-mountain 29 and 27.5″, respectively; EPO, a hardtail carbon frame with all-mountain geometry; and Jedi, the Brothers’ flagship downhill race bike.

canfield brothers EPO
Canfield EPO. Because riding this bike is like cheating.

“Our goal,” says Canfield, “was to put together bikes that we would ride. Bikes without any ‘take-off’ parts at a realistic price.” And checking the specs on their factory offerings, I would say they’ve successfully reached that goal. All builds come with a Shimano groupset, Race Face cockpit, Maxxis tires, and a Cane Creek DB shock with some variation in exact models (see Canfield’s webstore for details).

Canfield customers will appreciate that each build still has some degree of customization available, such as fork choice, crank length, and chainring size. Canfield also offers its patented CBF link arm and seat collar in five different colors! Wheels and cranksets for all factory builds will all be Canfield Brothers’ own C2 Components.

canfield balance
Canfield Balance. Not that cool of a name, but still a cool bike.

All Canfield Brothers bikes are still available as frame and shock only, or with a variety of frame, fork, and component packages for those who still prefer to nit-pick.

Factory-Direct Pricing

  • Jedi: $4,999
  • Riot: $4,499
  • Balance: $4,499
  • EPO: $3,699
canfield jedi
Canfield Jedi. The Force is strong with this one!

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