Cane Creek Releases Their First Suspension Fork: The Helm


Cane Creek has just released their first-ever suspension fork, exclusively for 27.5″ wheels: The Helm. According to Cane Creek the Helm is designed for “aggressive trail, all-mountain, and enduro riding,” and to hit all of these various permutations of mountain biking Cane Creek has designed the Helm to be extremely adjustable.


The fork is internally adjustable to provide travel from 170mm all the way down to 100mm–pretty much the entire range of single crown suspension travel for current mountain bikes. However, Cane Creek notes that the fork is optimized for 140mm-170mm of travel, and it ships preset to a stock 160mm configuration.

The travel adjustment is made via internal spacers. The Helm comes with one installed stock. To get to 170mm, you remove a spacer. To achieve the other travel lengths, you add spacers. This video shows how to adjust the travel:

Additional Features

Keeping with Cane Creek’s renowned focus on adjustability and offering a maximum number of options, the Helm features a total of 7 independent adjustments. Along with travel adjustment, the fork offers positive and negative air spring chamber adjustment, air volume adjustment via an internal 8-position indexed system, high speed compression, low speed compression, and low speed rebound.


The Helm features standard spacing and geometry, like a tapered steerer tube and a 15x110mm Boost spaced thru axle. The stanchions measure 35mm in diameter–the same as the renowned RockShox Pike.

Total claimed weight is 2,070g, and the Helm is now available at $1,100 MSRP.

Note: the blue colorway pictured in this article is a limited edition launch color. Only 300 of these blue Helms are available so if you want to add a blue Cane Creek for to your bike, you’ll have to act fast!