A Lifesaving Wallet and Trail Booby Traps

Two interesting MTB news items to start off your Tuesday…

Several months ago we reviewed the Jimi Wallet, a plastic case for holding your credit cards, cash, etc. while you ride and it turns out the Jimi works as body armor as well. Cassie Nobbs was riding at Porcupine Rim in Moab when she took a nasty spill and fell about 8 feet onto a pile of rocks. Luckily, Jimi had her back and absorbed the impact of one particularly sharp rock that could have done serious damage. The photo above shows the drop and the after-effects on the Jimi. Maybe next time Cassie will get 5 of them and line her entire jersey pocket before riding Porcupine Rim 🙂

Booby Trapped MTB Trails

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of booby trapped trails and it’s a scary to think about how easily this could happen. A rider in Tasmania was injured when she ran into a head-height wire strung across a mountain bike trail that knocked her off her bike. Police are investigating this as a very serious crime that has the potential to kill someone – attempted murder anyone?

In 2007 an eco-terrorist targeted mountain bikers on a Texas trail with neck-level trip wires and the guy wasn’t caught for more than a year. Avoiding trails where trip-wires are found isn’t really an option because that means the terrorists have won (seriously). At the same time, no one wants to run into one of these things at speed. It seems the only option until police find the culprit is to walk the trails each day before anyone rides to look for hazards… Or just stake the place out at night and catch the bastards.

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