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I started riding at age 50 through the prompting of my sons. Now I am totally addicted and only wish I would have started earlier in life. Having lived in Mongolia for over 20 years, my favorite riding experience is exploring the many mountains of the country for new trails.

My Bikes

Love the first few lines of this video. "Norwegians love hiking ... Personally, I have no interest in walking." That's me to a "T". My wife and I joke all the time about how I have always been bored with hiking ... except with her of course. But give me my bike, and I will…
mongwolf   1 day ago
updated Zaisan Chutes Trail conditions to Good
Well, I'm sure he will do great in school. Now the question is how will dad do without Junior around. For me, I've always been excited for my "boys" to get out and find their way in this world, but even after three years of the youngest leaving, there is still a little pain with…

The area around the trailhead is a bit chewed up, but once you get past the sections of trail near...
mongwolf   3 days ago
updated Chengeltei Mountain North conditions to Good
mongwolf   4 days ago
commented on a photo of Monarch Crest Trail
Great shot Jim.
Wow, Carrabassett Valley looks like an awesome place to satiate one's wanderlust for a little while.
Hey John, great write up. On a personal note, does mini-skibum know what he wants to study in college?
Hey Jeff. I love the 5 to Ride series. Please keep it goin'. Also when I saw this piece about STL, I immediately thought of the Berryman Trail. I was thinking that it would worthy to add in the comments section even though it is about two hours away. So I was really glad to…
Me too MP. This might really "fit the bill" for me for my shortest rides.
Hey Jeff, Thanks for reposting the link for the Palos.  I must have missed that review when you posted.  Looks like good piece of gear to fill a specific niche.
mongwolf   1 week ago
updated Dari-Ekh / Dambadarjaa Hills conditions to Good
Where do you live and how cold are the winter days?  
Wow Colton just saw your video. Great race. First century accomplished in Leadville ... Truly manly. And you seem to do it with "relative" ease. I guess you have proven that interval training and shorter harder workouts can prepare one for almost anything. Or maybe you just have AMAZING genes. =) Congrats.
mongwolf   1 week ago
commented on a photo of Scott Genius
Very cool photo.
I have ridden a few past models of the Altitude. They always seemed a bit "light" and not aggressive enough for true all-mountain conditions imo. They seemed to fit in a true trail bike category. But it seems the geo on many of the newer "trail bikes" are getting more and more aggressive and able…
Great write up Aaron. Nice blend of bike details and your riding experience in and around Whistler. I keep thinking about these adjustable geo bikes for my next bike. I think I need the versatility here in Mongolia. "Playful but burly" sounds perfect for all that Mongolia throws at you on a typical ride.
Hey Greg, I've heard that the Ibis HD4 for some reason rides really nice on the 27.5+ tires and it's special rim. Lack of bounce. Playful and not bogged down by the weight of the tires. I think you rode the HD4. Any opinion on how the plus tires ride on it? Is it an…
My two cents is buy a dropper if you don't have one already. You won't regret it. And with the price that Rowdy_Burns is suggesting it won't set you back too bad.
I most concur with so many, I love my dropper post. Due to my travels, I borrowed a bike the first half of this summer, and it did not have a dropper. Wow, what a great reminder it was of the pleasures of a dropper. I have a cable actuated dropper that's five years old…
mongwolf   2 weeks ago
replied to WByGodV
The Greenback area and the radio telescopes are awesome.  Great history at that observatory.
mongwolf   2 weeks ago
updated District 15 Network conditions to Good
Great concept. Hopefully it'll be a successful niche for SR and many couples like us whose spouses don't ride. And as an aside, let me compliment Summer. She's a real cutie with her smiley face and big dimples. Looks like you found a jewel. =)
To follow up on Han-so-slo's comment. I did read in another review that said this cassette was not as durable over time as the comparable Sram and Shimano cassettes. Whether that's true or not, or that important IDK. It also said that the shifting was not as smooth as the Sram and Shimano cassettes. So…
Thanks for the write up John. My oldest son and his family are moving up to Calgary in about a year, so I guess I get to add some cool new trails to the ole' Trails Wish List.
Good answers by many  imo.  I ride REALLY steep trails in Mongolia.  Some are loose scree over hard pack and some are organic.  How one uses his or her brakes depends on...
A very belated thanks Aaron for the reply about Cold Mountain. I missed it till just now. And great comment Jim about what bike you would probably be riding if you were in college right now. =)
You shared the normal range for trail bikes as 28-30lb. I assume that is without pedals. Is that correct? If I remember right, the Yeti SB5 is in the 26 and 27 lb range (without pedals), depending on the config? Pretty dang good for such a solid trail bike. And would you mind to venture…
I really like the idea of just weighing one's bike at your LBS. That works. Another way for cheap if you travel a lot like I do is to use your mini luggage scale. Mine is accurate to 0.1kg (about 3oz). Good enough for me. Also to weigh components you can use a kitchen food…
Though in principle I don't disagree with the premise of your piece John, for me I am addicted to the mountains, and don't really need all the variety. I love the challenge of the long climbs in the mountains, the long grueling hike-a-bike sections, and I can never get enough of the long descents. When…
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