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SKeen   23 hours ago
commented on IMBA Wants to Hear Your Opinions on Ebikes
E bikes have motors = motor bikes. enjoy motorized access trails and stay off non motor trails. Simple.
I agree, if you put out the same watts for the same amount of time on any bike you could get the same workout. Seems like common sense. Heart rate and speed are impacted by a wide range of factors and therefore not regarded as accurate measures of workout intensity in the cycling fitness industry.…
E-bikes are okay wherever motors are allowed. Since they have motors they don't belong on non-motorized trails.
SKeen   on Nov 9, 2019
replied to Dealing with new drops
Lots of practice on drops you are comfortable with or mostly comfortable with and slowly step it up.
SKeen   on Oct 26, 2019
replied to looking for anfull sus, asking for advice.
If $2100 is double your budget and you want full suspension you should look for a used bike. I don't know of any full suspension worth buying new for $1K but you...
SKeen   on Oct 13, 2019
replied to Winter Mountain Biking- Utah & CO
Anything on the front range from canyon city to fort Collins will probably be good to go unless the occasional storm rolls through.
SKeen   on Sep 17, 2019
replied to Buying a frame
+1 as long as you feel comfortable enough in assessing the state of wear, biggest factor: frame, then suspension, then wheels and drivetrain. Or find someone who can help you out to...
SKeen   on Sep 17, 2019
replied to New entry level SRAM/Rockshox
I've had longevity issues (lack thereof) with NX and GX circa 2018-2019. Derailleurs kept breaking on me with NO impacts. Switched back to Shimano and no problems since.
SKeen   on Sep 11, 2019
replied to front shock pressure thoughts
I have a different perspective with bottoming on every ride. I prefer to have suspension dialed so I rarely fully bottom out with a clunk. Took me a long time to learn...
Interesting thanks for sharing Inarachi
Less efficient due to what? Based on where I Max out on a 511% range, a 550% gear range would do a better job of covering the range of ratios I would utilize, but that's probably not optimal for single ring set ups. Just wondering what aspect of efficiency you are referring to to see…
I agree. In order to achieve a 500% ratio you would need either a 9-45 or a 10-50. The 9-45 would have smaller gaps between cog sizes. So 9 tooth cog wins in that way too. I have not experienced any downsides (compared to a 10t) in 2 years.
I appreciate the info. Still skeptical. 23 mph instead of 28 mph I guess that's approximately 20% less sad.
Pedal assist is one thing (I still don't like em much). But throttle up to 28mph? Sad day.
SKeen   on Aug 30, 2019
replied to Converting to through axle
Instead of trying to upgrade axles (not possible in rear, would require a new fork in front) and headset etc... I'd just save for a sweet new bike with exactly what you...
Kneepads have saved me or at least reduced injury before sliding out of place in a crash many times. Cracked 2 helmets in the past 23 seasons of riding. Those would have...
SKeen   on Aug 8, 2019
replied to Are you riding "too much" tire?
Maxxis EXO casing works well for my Enduro/XC style with occasional full on DHing. I have found 2.4(ish) to be my sweet spot for about a decade (or more).   I enjoyed a 2.6...
Not enough information to come to any conclusions. But... What kind of maintenance was done on the wheel over the 6 months he rode it? It is owner responsibility to inspect a...
Make it a hard tail if you want a (semi) solid bike for $800
SKeen   on Jul 30, 2019
replied to Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?
RJust picked up a single speed 27.5 "Gravity" brand from BD. Well packaged, reasonably pre-assembled/ adjusted (some required), and super solid quality on everything, especially for the cost. Geometry is old school...
As much as I love the idea of wide tires I have to admit going from 2.6 back to 2.35 front and rear made me faster on the climbs and descents alike.
I still have a panaracer fire xc on a semi retired Cannondale from the 90s and it does just fine on the occasions when I do take it out. It's all about a smooth pedal stroke!
I like that you point out the GG hard tail option!
SKeen   on Jul 11, 2019
replied to Sram NX Eagle spare parts
To follow up, I have to admit an old GX derailleur on a 2011 Giant lasted for many years, but the new sram stuff lasted for a few months at best. Only...
SKeen   on Jul 10, 2019
replied to Sram NX Eagle spare parts
In my experience NX will just break again anyway and not worth putting any money into. I'd have sent you my old NX cage but I threw out the whole derailuer after...
It doesn't seem appropriate to bring up a tragedy that happened in a non wilderness area to address this issue.
SKeen   on Jun 26, 2019
replied to e-bikes
Ebikes have motors so they should be allowed anywhere that allows motorized use and not allowed where motor use is not allowed. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.
SKeen   on Jun 25, 2019
replied to Looking at entry level full suspension
Sub $1K full suspension bikes make a ton of compromises. Most likely you will want to upgrade soon and would have been better off getting a better package deal rather than chipping...
SKeen   on May 29, 2019
replied to Harsh but kinda true? Trail runners are lazy
Another biker and I almost crashed head on at the low point of a double blind/ downhill turn in the trail last weekend. High fived and kept rolling. More trail encounters should...
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